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Reference is made to the announcement made by DOF ASA (the "Company") on 17 November 2022, regarding a request for an extraordinary general meeting ("EGM") pursuant to section 5-7(2) of the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act, to be held to consider a proposal to elect a new board of directors in the Company.

The EGM will be held on Wednesday 14 December 2022 at 12:00 hours as an electronic meeting. Shareholders who wish to participate and vote at the EGF must be registered with a user profile in the meeting portal Orgbrain ( or submit a proxy to the Company by 12:00 hrs CET on 9 December 2022. Information about participation and registration is included in the notice attached to this announcement and also available on the Company's website Further information about the electronic participation will be published on the Company's website and distributed to the shareholders who fill in and return the registration form.

A paper version of the notice will be sent by post to those shareholders who have reserved themselves against electronic communication on the VPS Investor Services.

For further information, please contact:

CEO Mons Aase, tel. +47 91 66 10 12
CFO Hilde Drønen, tel. +47 91 66 10 09

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