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XVIVO expands its management team by appointing Jaya Tiwari to Vice President Clinical and Regulatory Affairs for the US

To further optimize the commercialization process for XVIVO’s unique technologies, Jaya Tiwari has been appointed Vice President Clinical and Regulatory Affairs for the US. The US is XVIVO’s most important market. The new position will be added to the XVIVO Management Team. Jaya has great experience from working closely with FDA to expedite review and approvals for clinical trials and registration of new products.

Jaya has been with XVIVO for six years. In addition to her FDA experience she has considerable knowledge about pre-clinical and clinical studies and knows how to effectively collaborate with various institutions. Also, she has good relations with a vast amount of key opinion leaders throughout the US.
 She was a B.S. candidate in Neural Science from New York University and a PICTOR (Pulmonary & Intensive Care Translational Outcomes Research) Scholar at Columbia University in the US. Before joining XVIVO she was a senior research program manager and published author at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. There she was overseeing studies in organ perfusion, transplant and oncology.
“Success in the US is dependent on effective and clear strategies for clinical and regulatory affairs. With Jaya joining our Management Team, reporting to our CMO Andreas Wallinder, I feel confident that we will have the right competence and experience in place to deliver on our strategic plan for the US. I am very proud and happy that Jaya has accepted this position as the role will be central for XVIVO’s future success” says Dag Andersson CEO XVIVO.

For further information, please contact:

Dag Andersson, CEO, +46 76 643 30 31, e-mail:
Kristoffer Nordström, CFO, +46 73 519 21 64, e-mail:

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Founded in 1998, XVIVO is the only medical technology company dedicated to extending the life of all major organs - so transplant teams around the world can save more lives. Our solutions allow leading clinicians and researchers to push the boundaries of transplantation medicine. XVIVO is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has offices and research sites on two continents. The company is listed on Nasdaq and has the ticker symbol XVIVO. More information can be found on the website


XVIVO expands its management team by appointing Jaya Tiwari to Vice President Clinical and Regulatory Affairs for the US

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