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Coinsilium Group Limited: First DeFi Services Agreement

Coinsilium Group Limited (COIN)
Coinsilium Group Limited: First DeFi Services Agreement

17-Aug-2020 / 07:00 GMT/BST
Dissemination of a Regulatory Announcement that contains inside information according to REGULATION (EU) No 596/2014 (MAR), transmitted by EQS Group.
The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.


("Coinsilium" or the "Company")


Coinsilium Group Limited: Coinsilium signs first DeFi Services Agreement for the creation of DeFi based Token Model


London, UK, 17 August 2020 - Coinsilium Group Limited (AQSE:COIN) the Blockchain, Decentralised Finance ('DeFi') and Crypto Finance venture operator, is pleased to announce its appointment as advisor to Indorse Pte. Ltd. ('Indorse') in respect to its forthcoming initiative to revive the token economics of its IND token through a new DeFi based model. 


Disclosure Note:


Coinsilium currently holds a 10% interest in the issued share capital of Indorse as part of the Company's investment portfolio. Coinsilium also holds 5,793,875 IND tokens representing approximately 15.37% of the current circulating supply. This holding is formed of a combination of tokens granted as founder investors as well as subsequent market purchases made by the Company.




  • Coinsilium announces maiden DeFi Services advisory agreement ('Agreement') with Indorse to advise on new IND token strategy, token model and enhancement of token trading liquidity.


  • Indorse to refocus its IND token under new DeFi based model.


  • Indorse to engage into liquidity incentivisation campaigns to ignite interest from liquidity providers into IND.


  • Coinsilium sees buoyant global DeFi market bolstering demand for its DeFi advisory services. 


Indorse successfully completed a token sale for its IND token in September 2017 and has since continued to demonstrate strong operational progress with its underlying business including its proprietary recruitment technology platform, Hackathon service model and its recently launched Metamorph developer SaaS solution.


Notwithstanding Indorse's business growth and operational success, there has been a marked divergence between its operational business model and the performance of its native IND token which has resulted in the underutilisation of the IND token.


In July 2020, Indorse published an update to its community of token contributors and holders announcing high-level proposed plans to address the IND token's underutilisation issues and its intentions to re-dynamise the Indorse token ecosystem going forward. The proposed plans also set out to boost the IND token's trading liquidity and reshape the IND token model, combining some of the latest developments in DeFi.


Indorse has now appointed Coinsilium as advisors for the purposes of the design and implementation of their new token strategy. Under the terms of the advisory agreement, Coinsilium will recommend the strategy and solutions in order to attract liquidity providers to the IND trading venues and work with Indorse on the design of new token utility models for the IND token. 


This Agreement marks the first DeFi-focused commercial advisory agreement undertaken by Coinsilium since the Company's announcement in July 2020 of its intention to capitalise on the new and substantial opportunities it sees in the burgeoning DeFi and Crypto Finance sectors. 


Eddy Travia, Chief Executive of Coinsilium, commented: "Indorse has achieved impressive milestones since its Initial Coin Offering ('ICO') in 2017 however the Indorse token has not yet benefited from these successes. Given the current cryptocurrency market trends and the innovation boom we are now seeing in the DeFi space, we see the coming months as an exceptionally opportune period for us to be working with the Indorse team on the creation of a new DeFi focused token model with the objective of reviving the IND token to demonstrate its potential under a new light whilst preserving the Indorse community values.


We look forward to contributing our experience in token model design to fulfil Indorse's aspirations for its IND token at this pivotal point in the token's life cycle.


We are most pleased to be able to announce the Agreement with Indorse today. This is Coinsilium's first DeFi focused advisory services agreement in a sector that we believe will continue to experience considerable growth.


It is important to note that there are hundreds of post-ICO projects whose tokens are in similar situations with many of them eager to reshape their token models.


We are confident that we can access and secure a significant share of this market given our industry record of building a successful advisory services business during the ICO growth years."


Gaurang Torvekar, Chief Executive of Indorse, commented: "Although we conducted a successful token sale in 2017 and have been operating as a successful business since, generating meaningful revenues along the way, the IND token utility and liquidity has suffered due to the market conditions and dynamics.


With the revival of interest in the crypto space, fuelled by burgeoning demand for DeFi solutions, we think that this is an opportune moment to put our plans into action to revive the IND token.


With the help and support from Coinsilium, we are confident that we can revitalise our token ecosystem and give a boost to the utility model."

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