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AegirBio: Aegirbio announces acceptance of poster presentation at upcoming ACTRIMS Forum

Aegirbio AB is pleased to announce that its abstract entitled "Use of Non-Invasive Saliva Samples to Determine Serum Concentrations of Biologic Drugs." has been accepted for poster presentation at the upcoming ACTRIMS forum to be held in San Diego this February 23rd through 25th. The ACTRIMS forum is the largest gathering of neurologists and scientists focused on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the US and often showcases cutting edge research in the field complementary to work presented at ECTRIMS. The company's poster presentation will show the results from our clinical study comparing saliva to blood based TDM.

"Our investments in saliva-based testing are beginning to produce returns in the form of groundbreaking, real world studies indicating that this approach is feasible and scientifically sound. Noninvasive sampling can potentially make therapeutic drug and immune monitoring much more accessible and easier to implement into clinical practice". - Bradley Messmer, CEO

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