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Analysis Industrial Solar: Green Industrial Solutions

Detta är en betald analys på uppdrag av Clean Industry Solutions utförd av Analysguiden

Industrial Solar’s recent acquisition of SolarSpring strengthens the company’s role as turnkey providers for industrial energy needs. The market is expanding and the need to adjust industrial energy patterns to sustainable solutions is crucial in meeting climate goals.

Proven technology

Industrial Solar Holding provides customizable solutions for energy supply and efficiency in the industrial sector, with technology such as the LF-11 Fresnel solar collector. Through minimally invasive techniques, their products can be integrated in existing production lines and thus complement fossil fuel thereby reducing both emission and costs.

Acquisition creates opportunities

The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak has the potential to stunt growth but might prove long term valuable for Industrial Solar, as it sheds light on the fragility of global supply lines. The addition of SolarSpring into their product catalogue, with sales of around 500 000 € per year, will increase sales and can be integrated with already existing solutions. This has greatly strengthened Industrial Solar’s role as a “one-stop shop” for industrial energy needs. The company recently conducted a right’s issue, which was oversubscribed and raised 24.7 MSEK excluding costs. 

Long term value

Industrial Solar is a relatively new company who is yet to achieve profitability. The company is active in a new but growing market which makes predictions and projections of market developments difficult. We however see a potential upside in the stock and look forward to following Industrial Solar’s future journey. We formulate an optimistic scenario with a long-term share price of 12 SEK in 3 years, based on a relative valuation to the industry. 

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