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Analyst Group: GPX Medical - Momentum in Clinical and Regulatory Activities Continues

1.1 million infants die annually, where 80% suffer from Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS). The problem is extensive, and today there are no real sustainable solutions for monitoring RDS in real-time. GPX Medical AB (publ) (”GPX Medical” or “the Company”) develops the NEOLA®, which allows non-invasive, continuous monitoring of lung volume and oxygen changes in real-time. GPX Medical intends to initiate market launch during 2023, which is estimated to be followed by a rapid sales growth, with revenues reaching SEK 84m in 2026. Based on an applied P/S-multiple of 2.3x and a discount rate of 13%, this yields an equity value per share of SEK 5.0 in a Base scenario. Before market launch, we see several catalysts driving value, where steps in the right direction should reduce the current valuation discount.

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This is a press release from Analyst Group regarding the publication of an analysis on GPX Medical. Readers may assume that Analyst Group has received compensation for making the commentary. The Company has not been given an opportunity to influence the parts where Analyst Group has had opinions about the Company, future valuation or anything else that could be considered a subjective assessment.

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