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Comintelli Launches A New Product Feature for Competitive Intelligence: The Field Intelligence Retriever

Comintelli, a leading global Market and Competitive Intelligence (M&CI) software company announces the launch of a new feature within Intelligence2day® ( based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Field Intelligence Retriever (FIRE) feature will assist field gathering capabilities and conference monitoring, both virtual and live by turning image data into searchable content in just a few seconds.

Introducing the Field Intelligence Retriever for Competitive Intelligence

The Field Intelligence Retriever (FIRE) ( allows for extremely fast gathering and analysis of data from conference events by turning photo data into searchable content. The feature has been developed in close collaboration with one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.

"Traditional conference monitoring is a very resource-intensive task which takes weeks or months to finish and process. FIRE can process that data in real-time, providing instant access to intelligence insights. This makes it a great addition to your competitive intelligence market research strategy," says Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli. 

The IOCR (Intelligent Optical Character Recognition) technology allows Intelligence2day® ( to not only transfer images into searchable characters, but also to analyze and understand the content of the image. Compared to traditional conference monitoring, it can reduce the resources required by more than 80%. It targets the most labor-intensive parts of the process and allows the analyst to focus on analyzing the gathered data.

"The Field Intelligence Retriever is the perfect add-on to your competitive intelligence research strategy for faster insight generation. And it is a complete game-changer in competitor analysis tools and techniques", says Jesper.

How to collect competitive intelligence with FIRE

A field operative captures a photo or a screenshot such as a slide from a presentation or a competitor poster. This photo could be taken directly from the Intelligence2day® ( app or uploaded separately. 

Intelligence2day® ( will then convert the image content into indexable characters using sophisticated AI technology that allows for even blurry images to be processed. 

The content of the image is analyzed by Intelligence2day® ( and categorized. This involves automatically assigning relevant topics or tags to the image. Seconds after the image has been uploaded, relevant users will be notified through an alert.

Learn more about how to gather competitive intelligence with FIRE

The importance of competitive analysis is more crucial now than it has ever been before. If you would like to learn more about how you can use the new Artificial Intelligence (AI) FIRE feature in your competitive intelligence strategy, join Comintelli Inc's CEO, Christian Bjersér, and Director of Customer Success, Jeff Mansfield, in our upcoming webinar ( on Thursday, 20 May at 11:00 - 11:30 EST. 

Jesper Martell, CEO 

Phone: +46 8 6637 600

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