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Concentric AB appoints Boris Gavric as Senior Vice President Engines & Thermal Solutions

Concentric AB has appointed Boris Gavric as Senior Vice President Engines & Thermal Solutions.  The appointment of Boris from 1 October 2022 will be pivotal in delivering profitable growth through the execution of our global electrification strategy. 

Boris holds an MBA from Michigan State University with Component in China, Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Wayne State University, Bachelor of Applied Science degree, Mechanical/Materials Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Biology degree, both from University of Windsor, Ontario.

Martin Kunz, President and CEO of Concentric AB commented, "we are delighted that Boris is joining the Group. Boris brings a wealth of international senior leadership experience in manufacturing and automotive sectors. With a proven track record of achieving profitable growth, Boris will be a key member of the Group Senior Leadership Team".

For additional information please contact Martin Kunz, telephone +44-121-445 6545

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