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DBP International: 20% of the shares of Bio Vitos is received

Double Bond Pharmaceutical International AB (publ) ("DBP") is today able to confirm that it has received as agreed 10,010,000 (ten million and ten thousand) new ordinary shares of GBX 0.1 par value each of Bio Vitos, representing 20 (twenty) per cent of the issued share capital of Bio Vitos prior to the share issue to the Company in consideration for the previously-disclosed license over its intellectual property regarding ferrous succinate granted to Bio Vitos by DBP. A Confirmation Statement showing the share issuance was filed on Bio Vitos' behalf with the Registrar of Companies in the United Kingdom on 16 November 2021 and may be viewed here (

Following the issue of 10,010,000 Bio Vitos shares to DBP, the Company is now the second-largest shareholder of Bio Vitos behind Craven House Capital plc ("CRV"), a publicly-quoted UK investment holding company quoted on the AIM of The London Stock Exchange. CRV holds 14,708,700 shares of Bio Vitos representing, after the issue of the Company's 10,010,000 shares, 24.49 (twenty-four point four nine) per cent. of Bio Vitos' outstanding share capital. It was earlier announced that DBP is planning to distribute to its shareholders pro rata to their holdings in DBP 2,500,500 of the shares of Bio Vitos which it has received.

Bio Vitos' intends itself to seek a public market for its shares, subject to financial advice received and to prevailing equity market conditions, on either the Euronext Growth (Oslo) Market or on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

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More about BIO VITOS: Bio Vitos is a company specializing in the distribution and sale of dietary supplements. Three different functional Cannabis products, based on Norwegian OMEGA-3 and Cannabis oil, are in preparation for submission to the Danish Medicines Agency. 24.49% of BIO VITOS is owned by Craven House Capital plc, the AIM (London Stock Exchange) quoted investment company.

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