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DBP International AB: Named Patient Early Access Program with Temozolomide gel (Temodex®) has been launched

Double Bond Pharmaceutical International AB (publ) ("DBP" or "Double Bond") are pleased to announce that as of November 23 they have launched a Named Patient Treatment Access Program for Temozolomide gel (Temodex®) to provide a ground-breaking new treatment paradigm for Glioblastoma patients across the globe prior to global registration.

Glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive malignant form of all primary brain tumours, affects glial cells and accounts for 52% of all brain tissue tumour cases and 20% of all tumours inside the skull.  Approximately 250 000 patients with Glioblastomas are identified each year worldwide, of which 12 000 are diagnosed in the US.

The current standard of care is surgery followed by radiation and chemotherapy.  Double Bond's Temodex®/SI53 (Temozolomide gel) is a chemotherapy drug administered directly at the site of the tumour following surgical removal, in the form of a gel, thus ensuring that the therapeutic effect is felt precisely where it is needed. Temozolomide is a prodrug which destroys the tumour's DNA and triggers the death of tumour cells.

Alexavi is managing the Named Patient Early Access Treatment program on behalf of Double Bond to raise awareness of the treatment's availability to physicians and patients across the globe:

For more information on how this product works, and how physicians can access this treatment, please go to

About Alexavi Ltd: Alexavi is a global development and commercialization services supplier to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and medicinal products industry, founded in 2021 with the aim of assisting companies of varying sizes to meet their development and commercialization goals in a compliant, cost and time effective manner. Alexavi seeks to change the current paradigm of service provision in this sector with an emphasis on getting new treatments to patients faster.

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