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Ensurge Micropower ASA - Disclosure of Large Shareholdings

This disclosure is sent on behalf of a certain large shareholder in Ensurge Micropower ASA (the "Company").

Reference is made to the announcement by the Company on 3 July 2021 regarding the approval of warrant exercises and the subsequent issuance of 293,779,503 new shares following registration in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises. Due to the exercise of Warrants C and the issuance of new shares in the Company, a certain large shareholder discloses the following information pursuant to Section 4-2 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act and the Securities Trading Act Regulations.

Middelborg Invest AS will be issued 37,340,431 shares by conversion of the equal amount of Warrants C. Following the conversion, the shareholding of Middelborg Invest AS will represent 6.80% of the Company's total number of outstanding shares, holding a total of 105,410,676 shares in the Company. Furthermore, Middelborg Invest AS owns 17,993,008 Warrants B with an exercise price of NOK 0.25 per share and which will be exercisable at any time until 20 August 2021. All unexercised Warrants will represent 1.16% of the Company's total number of outstanding shares. All shares and unexercised Warrants combined will represent 7.96% of the Company's total number of outstanding shares.

The threshold being passed is the percentage of shares and unexercised Warrants combined.

5 July 2021
Ensurge Micropower ASA

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