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Reference is made to the stock exchange release by EOC Limited ("EOC"
or the "Company") on 10 July 2014 in relation to the Proposed
Business Combination and the announcement made today in respect of
the publication of the shareholder circular dated 7 August 2014 the
("Shareholder Circular").

The Company hereby announces that the Board of Directors today has
declared a conditional dividend in respect of the shares of EOC in
the amount of NOK 1.12 per share. The total value of the conditional
dividend amounts to NOK 124 million. The dividend is conditional upon
the fulfilment or waiver of the conditions precedent for completion
of the Proposed Business Combination as further described in the
Shareholder Circular. Such conditions precedents are (all terms
defined as in the Shareholder Circular):

(a) the approval of shareholders of Ezra in a general meeting being
obtained for the transfer of the OSS Shares by Ezra to the Company in
return for the Agreed Consideration pursuant to the terms of the
Business Combination Agreement and in accordance with the listing
manual of the SGX-ST (the "Listing Manual");

(b) the waiver of the SIC being granted to Ezra and parties acting in
concert with Ezra, and such waiver not having been withdrawn, revoked
or ceased to have effect as at the Completion Date, of their
obligation to make a mandatory offer under Rule 14 of the Code for
the Shares not held by Ezra and its concert parties and from having
to comply with the requirements of Rule 14 of the Code and if such
approval is subject to any conditions imposed by the SIC, such
conditions being reasonably acceptable to Ezra;

(c) the approval of the Shareholders in a general meeting being
obtained for each of the following:

(i) the acquisition of the OSS Shares and the entry into the Business
Combination Agreement;

(ii) the Allotment;

(iii) the Whitewash Resolution; and

(iv) the secondary listing of the Company on the Main Board of the
SGX-ST (the "Secondary Listing") and the initial public offering,
allotment and issuance of the New Shares in connection with the
Secondary Listing.

(d) the Company receiving the conditional eligibility-to-list approval
from the SGX-ST for the Secondary Listing, which shall include the
approval for the admission of the New Shares for listing on the Main
Board of the SGX-ST and the registration of the final prospectus by
the Monetary Authority of Singapore in connection with the Proposed
Offering; and

(e) each of the Company and Ezra receiving all authorisations,
consents, clearances, permissions and approvals as the Company and
Ezra may mutually agree to be necessary or required, and in such form
as may be mutually agreed between the Company and Ezra, from all
third parties under the contracts entered into by each of the Company
and Ezra, for or in respect of the entry into of the Business
Combination Agreement, including without limitation, consents and/or
waivers from the creditors, customers and suppliers of the Company
and/or Ezra.

Subject to the condition for the dividend being fulfilled or waived,
the shares of EOC will be trading exclusive the right to receive
dividend on the first trading date following an announcement made the
Company on the fulfilment or waiver of the conditions precedent for
completion of the Proposed Business Combination. Shareholders in the
Company on the day of the announcement (the "Record Date"), which
will appear in the VPS register (i.e. the Norwegian Central
Securities Depository) after three (3) trading days (due to the T+3
settlement period in the VPS) following the Record Date will be
entitled to receive the dividend which is expected to be paid on or
about [8] trading days following the Record Date. All trades in the
shares of EOC to and including trades on the Record Date will be
inclusive of the right to receive the conditional dividend. Any
shareholder, who wants to receive the dividend, if paid, must
accordingly remain shareholder in the Company to and including the
Record Date.

For further information, please contact

Mr Jason Goh

+65 6590 8209

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements pursuant to
section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.


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