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Episurf to present commercial focus areas at today's Capital Markets Day

At today's Capital Markets Day, Episurf Medical (NASDAQ: EPIS B) presents strategic focus areas, which includes geographic expansion into new markets including The United States, and new product introductions across multiple anatomic locations that address osteoarthritis.

During the Capital Markets Day, CEO Pål Ryfors, members of the management team, and key customers will present and discuss a growth strategy concentrating on three primary aspects:

  • New customers - continued customer acquisition in existing markets
  • New markets - new areas of geographic expansion, including The United States
  • New products - products intended for osteoarthritis that the company plans on being meaningful growth drivers in the coming years

In addition, key surgeon customers will present five-year data from an international multi-centre clinical study while discussing their personal experiences with the Episealer® Knee implant.

In recent years, Episurf has spent significant operational and financial resources centred on the accumulation of strong clinical data. Through both single-nation and international clinical studies, there is now meaningful evidence that the Episealer® technology not only works, but delivers robust clinical results to a more demanding patient population due to age and activity level. Today, the company is running three parallel processes targeting various product launches on the US market. The company is also experiencing growth in is non-US business, following a challenging period during the pandemic.

"At today's Capital Markets Day, we are pleased to summarise the previous years work and we hope to provide investors with a clear view of the future opportunities that exist for this technology, including our plans for the US. Following a period of significant focus on clinical data, IP and technology development, we are now launching additional products based on our personalized platform and we are addressing additional geographies", says Pål Ryfors, CEO, Episurf Medical.

For more information, please contact:

Pål Ryfors, CEO, Episurf Medical
Tel:+46 (0) 709 62 36 69

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