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ESEN eSports AB: King of Nordic Championship is back with a new season starting 25th October

The Nordic region's largest CS:GO tournament "King of Nordic Championship" is returning with a new season. Once again this is made possible with our fantastic sponsor Cooler Master. Cooler Master have really shown that they are dedicated in growing esports in the nordic. As the last season we will broadcast the local qualifiers that have been super interesting and we expect nothing else from season 17. As usual the weekly final takes place on Fridays and are hosted by Jesper "kreativ" Sedendahl and Gustav "kronvall" Kronvall.King of Nordic Championship fills the gap between amateur and professional teams and offers new talents the chance to be discovered overnight. Several elite players such as REZ, Magisk, sergej have played in the King of Nordic Championship before being picked up by the top teams. After more than 250 broadcasts, the tournament is a natural part of the Nordic esport scene and ESEN eSports most appreciated production.


DANISH FINALS: Sundays 13:00 (Broadcast from quarter finals)

NORWEGIAN FINALS: Sundays 15:00 (Broadcast from quarter finals 18:00)

SWEDISH FINALS: Mondays 18:00 (Broadcast from quarter finals)

FINNISH FINALS: Tuesdays 18:00 (Broadcast from quarterfinals)

NORDIC FINALS: Fridays 19:00


You have to win 5 weeks in a row to claim the "King of Kings" title. We will host a qualifier in each country every week. (Even if a country has the throne.) Two teams from the same country can play in the grand final. We will start the two first matches at the same time on two servers at 19:00. One match will be streamed. Which match will be decided via a video LIVE POLL on starting Fridays afternoon 15:00-17:00. The country that gets the most votes will be streamed on ( So make sure to vote for your country!

You will win €500 cash for winning each week.

Teams choose the map 100% via a ban process.

Winner interviews in the nordic finals after each match on Discord.

All production, qualifiers and finals will be streamed from a home studio due to Covid-19.

"King of nordic is very special to me and I love it with all my heart. Having sponsors like Cooler master is inspiring and makes it possible to give amateurs a chance to grow and compete. Sponsors a side KoN has the best community partners and staff in the world and their passion and hard work is unique. We aren't competing with other tournaments with millions in prize money and never will. King of Nordic brings other values that i think is much more important." - Says Christer "MrMouse" Körnbäck, Founder of King of Nordic.


We have never had such a level of engagement and activity from a sponsor that Cooler Master have shown in Season 16. Every week they help posting, pushing and watching the broadcasts and we couldn't be more happy to continue our partnership.


King of Nordic "KoN" is an open Nordic championship with national qualifier tournaments in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, which ends with a weekly final between the countries. The final format is "King of the hill" which means that the winning nation remains on the throne as a champion in anticipation of next week's challenger. The ruling champions increase their prize pool every week and present a bigger and more prestigious target for the other contestant nations to finally claim the "King of Kings" title after 5 consecutive weeks on the throne.

For all dates and times klick here (

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