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Heimstaden acquires real estate in Eskilstuna from Kommunfastigheter

Based on the ownership directive for 2020, a decision was made in October 2019 by Eskilstuna Kommunfastigheter to sell the apartments and a school property. The transaction is conditional upon approval by Eskilstuna Kommunföretag AB, the municipal government and the city council. If approved, Heimstaden is expected to take possession of the properties in November 2020.

" We are pleased to have buyers who want to be involved in the development of Eskilstuna. Through the sale, we contribute to strengthening the municipality's economy while allowing us to continue building new homes and modernizing our existing properties," says Bertil Andersson, Chairman of Eskilstuna Kommunfastigheter AB.

Heimstaden is one of the largest residential property companies in the Nordic region and is now also establishing itself in Eskilstuna through the acquisition of Odlarskolan school and 559 apartments in the Viptorp and Skogsängen areas.

"Heimstaden will now establish a local management organization in another municipality in the Mälardalen, in-house staff ensures the quality of services for our properties and customers. We look forward to a long-term cooperation with the municipality of Eskilstuna," says Kent Persson.

" When established in Eskilstuna, we have the capability to further invest in the region and look forward to acquiring more properties and to contribute to new residential real estate development," says Jonathan Karlsson, Transaction Manager at Heimstaden.

Catella AB has been the seller's advisor during the real estate transaction.

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