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ICA Gruppen AB: ICA Real Estate acquires Alecta Fastigheter's share in Långeberga Logistik

ICA Real Estate today entered into an agreement and took possession of Alecta Fastigheter's 50% share in the jointly owned company Långeberga Logistik AB.

ICA Real Estate has carried out the acquisition by exercising a buy-back option. The acquisition gives ICA Real Estate sole right of disposal over the property and ICA Real Estate the ability to develop ICA's largest logistics property in a more agile way. ICA Real Estate and Alecta Fastigheter continue to jointly own Ancore Fastigheter together.

The Långeberga Logistik property covers more than 105,600 square metres and has a market value of slightly more than SEK 2.3 billion. ICA Real Estate takes possession of the property on 2 May 2022.

By virtue of its significance for ICA Gruppen's operations, Långeberga has been reported as a subsidiary with a minority interest, which means that the acquisition of the minority owner's shares will have a limited effect on ICA Gruppen's financial position and result of operations.

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