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New equity right for trading, AcouSort AB (563/21)

Nasdaq Stockholm AB First North Growth Market - Equities New equity right for trading, AcouSort AB (563/21) At the request of AcouSort AB, AcouSort AB equity rights will be traded on First North Growth Market as from November 8, 2021. Security name: AcouSort TO 1 2021/2022 --------------------------------------- Short name: ACOU TO1 --------------------------------------- ISIN code: SE0016830194 --------------------------------------- Orderbook ID: 239790 --------------------------------------- Terms: Issue price, Possession of three (3) Warrants entitle the Holder to subscription of one (1) new Share in the Company during the subscription period from and including 1 December 2022up to and including 9 December 2022 to a subscription price of SEK 25 per new share. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 option rights gives the right to subscribe for 1 new share in AcouSort AB. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscr December 1, 2022 – December 9, 2022. iption perio d: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last December 7, 2022. tradi ng day: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This information is distributed at the request of the Certified Adviser, Erik Penser Bank AB. For further information, please call Erik Penser Bank AB on +46 8 463 83 00.

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