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Nitro Games Oyj: Managers' Transactions

Person subject to the notification requirement
Name:                          Jussi Tähtinen
Position:                                   CEO

Notification type:                      Initial notification
Issuer Name:                             Nitro Games Oyj
LEI:                             743700XPEJZPMWDULF59
Transaction details
Transaction date:                       2022-07-2

Venue:                         First North Sweden (FNSE)
Nature of transaction:                Acceptance of a stock option 1/2022

Instrument:                               Share option

Volume:                                   20 000
Unit price:                                0,00 EUR
Aggregated transactions
Volume:                                   20 000
Volume weighted average price: 0,00 EUR

For more information:

Jussi Tähtinen, CEO & Co-Founder

Phone: +358 44 388 1071


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