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Primary placement auction of Lithuanian Government securities

Nasdaq Vilnius Announcement from the exchange Primary placement auction of Lithuanian Government securities The Government Securities auction of additional offers will be held on 2021-08-02. Auction participants can submit competitive and non-competitive bids. The competitive bids shall be submitted in the order books of the VSE New Issue Yield market, whereas the non-competitive bids shall be placed in the order books of the VSE New Issue Yield Non market. The parameters of the emission to be issued shall be the following: Type of security Lithuanian Government Bond -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISIN code LT0000650079 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volume of issue before auction of additional offers, EUR 80 m -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volume of issue Is set during auction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currency of issue EUR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nominal value, EUR 100 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maturity, in days 1763 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Payment date 2021-08-04 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Redemption date 2026-06-02 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The maximum volume of non-competitive bids, which may be 500 000 submitted by one auction participant, EUR* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The cut-off yield, % is not announced -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coupon rate (annual interest rate) 0 % -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of coupons per year 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coupon payment dates 2022-06-02; 2023-06-02; 2024-06-02; 2025-06-02; 2026-06-02. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A competitive orderbook LTGCB0N026C -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A non-competitive orderbook LTGNB0N026C -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * - With the written consent of the Ministry of Finance, this amount may be increased by one additional amount, up to a maximum of EUR 5,000,000 for one of the auction participants. The securities shall be redeemed by paying to their holders the total amount of par value. The paid up securities shall be admitted to the regulated market – to the Debt securities list of the Nasdaq Vilnius AB. Nasdaq Baltic Transaction Services +370 5 253 14 54 Nasdaq Baltic is a common name for exchanges, regulated markets, alternative First North markets operated by Nasdaq companies in the Baltic States, i.e. Nasdaq Tallinn AS, Nasdaq Riga AS and AB Nasdaq Vilnius.

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