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Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB: Notification threshold

This press release is an English version of the previously published Swedish version, which has interpretive precedence.

Following the recently completed subscription period for TO 4 series warrants in Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB, Gramtec Business Partner has exceeded the notification threshold of 20%. Following the exercise of warrants, Gramtec Business Partner owns 19.3% of the shares in the company.

Gramtec Business Partner Aktiebolag, with principal owner Finn Gramnaes, has, from the issue of new shares following the exercise of warrants of series TO 4 in Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB and the subsequent registration with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, gone from 21.4% ownership to 19.3% of the company's shares and votes.

Gramtec subscribed for 53,240 warrants of series TO 4 and after the period of use now owns a total of 1,790,072 shares in Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB, which gives an ownership of 19.3% of shares and votes. Gramtec Business Partner has not sold any shares, the decrease is due to dilution after the total exercise of warrants of series TO 4.

For further information: 

Håkan Persson, CEO of Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB,
Phone: +46 760 52 00 53

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