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Swedbank Robur launches yet another new `Paris Aligned' Access Edge fund

All Access Edge funds reward investments in companies with low greenhouse gas emissions and aim to have about 50 percent lower carbon footprint than their benchmark index. Furthermore, approximately 10 percent of the fund is invested in companies that, by the fund company, are considered to contribute to resolving the climate crisis. For example by contributing to the transition to renewable energy or to a circular economy.

"Some examples of the fund's holdings are companies in the area of renewable energy, and companies that develop energy efficient solutions, such as electric vehicles and green buildings. In addition, the fund excludes companies that extract fossil fuels and producers with more than 5 percent turnover from power generation based on oil, gas or coal", says Linnea Zanetti, portfolio manager Swedbank Robur.

Swedbank Robur's classification of funds managed in line with the Paris Agreement will make it simpler and clearer to customers who want to make savings with the climate issue in focus. Swedbank Robur has used established industry methods to analyze whether a fund can be classified as managed in line with the Paris Agreement. The method the fund company has developed is based, among other things, on EU Sustainable Finance established guidelines for climate benchmarks.

"According to our experience, the overall growing awareness of the climate issue, has led to an increased customer demand for sustainable saving alternatives that puts the climate in focus. This development is completely in line with Swedbank Robur's own climate strategy, and we are very pleased to be able to offer our customers funds that are in line with the Paris Agreement for all central markets", says Linnea Zanetti.

Swedbank Robur's primary climate targets are that the company's entire managed portfolio, which today exceeds 1000 bn SEK, will be in line already in 2025 with the Paris Agreement's target to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, and zero emissions for the entire portfolio by 2040.

Find out more:
Press release 24 September, 2020 (,c3201555)

Carina Sesser Nylund, Press Manager, Swedbank Robur, tph. +46 72 230 52 64

Risk information
Historical growth is no guarantee of future yields. The value of your fund savings can both rise and fall, which is why there can be no guarantee that you will get back your original investment. A fund categorized as risk class 6-7 has a high risk both for increases and decreases in the value of the fund units. Please read prospectuses available on our website or visit a retailer.

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