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Targovax ASA: Mandatory notification of trade by primary insiders pertaining to RSUs

Oslo, 31 May 2022: Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement published by Targovax ASA (the "Company") on 31 May 2022 regarding the settlement of RSUs and the resolution to increase the share capital of the Company. Further, the RSU-holders have in total received 79,006 additional RSUs as an adjustment for the increased share float following the right and repair issues previously completed by the Company pursuant to the terms and conditions of the RSU agreements. Primary insider Eva-Lotta Allan has also sold 17,320 shares following the settlement of RSUs to cover the Primary Insider's cash impact of the exercise price, tax and related fees from the settlement of the RSUs and subscription of shares.

The RSUs are non-transferable and each RSU gives the right and obligation to acquire one share in the Company at a price of NOK 0.10 per share (corresponding to the nominal value of the shares) subject to satisfaction of the applicable vesting conditions.

Please see the attached notifications of trade for further information:

PDMR notifications 31.05.2022.pdf (

For further information, please contact:

Renate Birkeli, Investor Relations
Phone: +47 922 61 624

Media enquires:
Andreas Tinglum - Corporate Communications (Norway)
Phone: +47 9300 1773

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