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Terveystalo Oyj: Terveystalo Plc: Managers' Transactions (Mokkila)

Terveystalo Plc: Managers' Transactions (Mokkila)

Terveystalo Plc, Managers' transactions, 3 November, 2021 at 10:30 EET

On 25 March 2021, Terveystalo Plc's Annual General Meeting resolved that the annual remuneration of the Board will be paid as a combination of Company's shares and cash in such a manner that 40% of the annual remuneration is paid in shares in the possession of the Company or, if this is not possible, in the Company's shares purchased from the market, and 60% is paid in cash. In accordance with this resolution, a total of 1,421 shares have been purchased to Niko Mokkila as follows:

Terveystalo Plc - Managers' transactions - Mokkila


Person subject to the notification requirement

Name: Mokkila, Niko

Position: Member of the Board/Deputy member

Issuer: Terveystalo Plc

LEI: 7437001AEZHLL3UEX093


Reference number: 7437001AEZHLL3UEX093_20211102162335_28


Transaction date: 2021-11-02

Venue: XHEL

Instrument type: SHARE

ISIN: FI4000252127

Nature of the transaction: RECEIPT OF A SHARE-BASED INCENTIVE

Transaction details

(1): Volume: 1421 Unit price: 0.00 EUR

Aggregated transactions

(1): Volume: 1421 Volume weighted average price: 0.00 EUR

For more information, please contact:

Liisa-Maija Seppänen, Investor Relations Manager

+358 50 3144 455


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