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Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB: Wihlborgs wins sustainable building prize at Sweden Green Building Awards

On Tuesday evening, the Wihlborgs property Syret 6 in Lund was awarded the Årets Miljöbyggnad iDrift (sustainable building operation of the year) prize by the Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC). Wihlborgs is currently the property owner with the most SGBC In-Use certified office properties.

Syret 6 was one of the first two properties in the country to be certified under SGBC In-Use and the start of Wihlborgs' comprehensive efforts to certify all of its office properties in Sweden.

SGBC In-Use is a certification for existing properties that focuses on the indoor environment, health, climate impact, resources and the condition of the building. Mandatory requirements comprise an important element and include tenants' impact on the building's environmental performance, which means the process leads to closer dialogue between Wihlborgs and its tenants. Certifying existing buildings is an important investment in line with the climate roadmap Wihlborgs adopted previously, with the goal of halving climate emissions by 2030.

Wihlborgs is the property owner that has the most SGBC In-Use certified buildings to date in the office segment.

"SGBC In-Use is an important tool for us at Wihlborgs, and we use it to identify various improvement initiatives that we can include in our management. Something else that makes this certification system valuable to work with is that it is based on Swedish regulations and adapted to traditional Swedish construction. This year, we've focused in particular on certifying our existing portfolio. Taking care of what we already have, and refining it, are the most responsible actions we can take as property owners," says Elsa Hagdahl, Property Certification Manager at Wihlborgs.

Staffan Fredlund, Environmental Manager at Wihlborgs, considers internal skills supply one of the most important success factors:

"We've changed our way of working, strengthened resources in the certification area and focused on raising the level of expertise throughout the organisation when it comes our environmental agenda. Today, our employees are well-informed about how we work with environmental and climate performance, and provide their own suggestions for energy-saving initiatives. This means that we can meet tenants' needs in an entirely new way. And we're diligent about informing our tenants about our successes and celebrating these with them," says Staffan Fredlund.

Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB (publ)

For further information, please contact:

Elsa Hagdahl, Property Certification Manager, +46 (0)40 661 97 07
Staffan Fredlund, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Manager, +46 (0)40 690 57 76
Per Clarin, Property Manager, +46 (0)46 590 62 66

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