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XMReality increases market potential with new product functionality to schedule large group calls

XMReality has launched new product functionality to easily schedule future guide calls in advance and have up to 20 people in a call. Historically XMReality's product has targeted aftermarket processes with focus on intermittent problem resolution. Since 2021, product development has focused on increasing the number of use cases and hence market potential. This new functionality to schedule large group calls is another step in that direction.

The new product functionality includes the ability to easily schedule calls in advance by sharing a link with all participants, for example by including it in a meeting invite. XMReality users have previously been able to invite other people to a call by sharing a link, however that link was designed to immediately connect call participants.

Being able to schedule calls in advance makes it easier for companies to utilize XMReality for planned activities such as installations, inspections and audits that can be carried out remotely to improve efficiency. Since several people might need to attend an installation or audit, XMReality has also increased the maximum number of participants in a call to 20 people from the previous max of five.

"We aim to provide our users with a powerful guide tool that helps them in their daily work, regardless of if it's to solve an unplanned issue or perform a planned task." says Alexander Sandström CTO at XMReality. "With scheduled group calls, we are now launching the first new product function designed specifically to broaden use of our product to additional core processes outside of aftermarket and support. By increasing the number of participants in a call we also strengthen our competitiveness by being best in class on group calls."

For more information, please contact:

Johanna Edepil, CMO XMReality
Phone: +46 730 981 281

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