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Acast builds international team with focus on expansion

Acast has appointed Megan Davies as its new Managing Director, International, with special responsibility for continued expansion into countries where Acast does not yet have a separate business entity.

Acast, the world’s leading independent podcast company, today announces the appointment of Megan Davies to head up its new International team as Managing Director, International. Acast’s International team has been created to focus on analyzing different countries’ demand for the services Acast offers — with particular emphasis on those countries where Acast does not yet have its own staff on site.

Acast has local teams in 12 countries, having launched on-the-ground operations in new markets including Mexico and Canada last year, and Davies and her team will look at demand for podcast advertising from brands in other countries where audio is a burgeoning medium — as well as those in which Acast’s global network of podcasts already have an established audience or the potential to resonate with local listeners.

And the team already has a head start, having pre-launched in locations including the Netherlands, Italy and Singapore — where Acast has an established portfolio of listens and the ability to meet advertiser demand.

"We’re putting even more focus on growth in new markets across Europe, South America and Asia. The aim is firstly to satisfy the increasing advertiser demand we’re seeing in these countries, and secondly to grow listens in these areas for our network of podcasters — in turn making them more attractive to local brands,” said Megan Davies, Managing Director, International at Acast.

“We already work with plenty of advertisers who also want their campaigns to reach listeners in multiple markets — and we host thousands of podcasts with large, established audiences outside of their ‘home’ countries — so the introduction of our International team represents a big opportunity for Acast to strengthen our position globally, and to supercharge our growth.”

“This investment makes Acast even more agile, and opens up new opportunities for us all over the world,” said Ross Adams, Acast CEO. “If we see accelerated demand, we should simply meet it — and Megan’s appointment, coupled with the formation of our International team, will help us spread knowledge of Acast and our advertising marketplace globally.”

Davies was previously Acast’s International Director of Sales and has 10 year’s experience across technology, international sales, and media.

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About Acast

Acast was founded in 2014 and is one of the most eminent podcast platforms, and a pioneer in the open podcast ecosystem, connecting all podcasting stakeholders to one common software infrastructure. Through its infrastructure, Acast allows advertisers to efficiently target an engaged audience of listeners through dynamic ad insertion, while podcasters are given access to a range of monetization opportunities and the necessary tools to expand their listener base. The company has a global footprint across 12 countries and, during 2020, had approximately three billion listens on Acast-connected podcasts. Today, Acast hosts more than 30,000 shows. Acast’s headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden and the Company has nine local subsidiaries including UK, US, Australia, Norway, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico and Canada.
In recent years, Acast has undergone an expansion with continued strong growth, with net sales increasing from SEK 180 million in 2018 to SEK 592 million in 2020. As a result of Acast’s recent growth initiatives, the number of listens grew from approximately one billion (2018) to three billion (2020). In the second quarter of 2021, Acast had 880 million listens and an organic net sales growth of 130%.

Acast was co-founded by Johan Billgren, its current Chief Innovation Officer, and is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB,, +46 (0) 8528 00 399.


Acast builds international team with focus on expansion

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