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Arctic Bioscience AS - Notice of extraordinary general meeting - new date

Notice of extraordinary general meeting (EGM) - new date reference is made to the stock exchange announcement from Arctic Bioscience AS (the Company), published 19 October at 14:18 CET "Notice of extraordinary general meeting: Marita Holstad proposed as new board member ".

Due to complications in distribution, the notice and regulatory documentation did not reach all shareholders of Arctic Bioscience AS.

Thus, in order to ensure that the EGM is convened in accordance with prevailing regulations, the Board of Directors have decided that the EGM is moved to 10 November 2021 and a new Notice is attached to this release.

Due to the corona pandemic, the Board of Directors has resolved that the Extraordinary General Meeting will be held as a digital meeting in accordance with section 5-8 of the Norwegian Private Limited Liability Company's Act (as amended as from 1 June 2021).

Shareholders are encouraged to cast their votes in advance of the General Meeting or grant the Chair of the Board a proxy, with or without voting instructions.

Deadline for registration of attendance, advance votes, proxy or instructions is 9 November 2021 at 3pm (CET). For attendance to the live event, please follow the instruction in the notice.

The EGM will be on 10 November at 1pm CET on Microsoft Teams. Please follow the instructions in the Notice for attendance.

For further information, please contact:

Danielle Glenn

CFO of Arctic Bioscience AS

Mobile: +47 909 98 201


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