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BrainCool: Malmö Redhawks and BrainCool AB (publ) evaluate a new method for treating concussion in connection with sports

Malmö Redhawks has started collaborating with the medical technology
company BrainCool AB (publ) on a clinical evaluation of the product
The PolarCap System for treatment of brain concussion, which is a
major problem in various contact sports such as ice hockey, football,
equestrian sports and martial arts.

BrainCool AB (publ) has specialized in medical cooling and its shares
are quoted on the Swedish stock market (Aktietorget). The company's
first product, The BrainCool System, is geared to two fields, cardiac
arrest and stroke, with the focus on cooling the patient's brain in
order to reduce the risk of brain damage.

Lowering brain temperature is an evidence-based treatment method used
today to reduce brain damage, for example, in prematurely born
children and in patients with cardiac arrest. Studies indicate that
cooling of the brain can also reduce neurological damage in cases of
acute stroke and traumatic brain damage.

The PolarCap® System is a portable cooling system with high effect,
which will be used to reduce the temperature of the brain in ice
hockey players by cooling the scalp and neck via circulating cold
fluid in a cap complete with collar.

Several different mechanisms can explain the beneficial effects of
cooling. For each degree by which the brain temperature is lowered,
its metabolism decreases by roughly 6%. Less oxygen and glucose is
thus consumed, which reduces the risk of cell death. The risk of
cerebral oedema (accumulation of fluid in the brain) is reduced, and
consequently also the pressure in the skull.

The product is now being evaluated in a first clinical study in which
Malmö Redhawks and yet another Swedish ice hockey team are

Patrik Sylvegård, CEO of Malmö Redhawks, comments:

Concussion in connection with sport is a growing problem, and Swedish
ice hockey, including Malmö Redhawks, is working actively to prevent
these injuries to the brain.

I have experience as both a leader and a player with team mates who
have suffered concussion, which is unfortunately a common
occupational injury on the ice which we are working energetically to

Our participation as a pioneer in the study with the PolarCap System
is an important part of the evaluation of a promising new treatment
method for looking after our staff.

Fredrik Nyquist, physician at Malmö Redhawks, comments:
The problem is growing, as more and more players suffer concussion
during and after their career. It has also been shown that repeated
concussions that arise during a short period of time, and/or
concussions that arise even though the triggering force is low, are
particularly dangerous. Repeated concussions are often seen in ice
hockey where the brain has not completely healed since the first

The diagnosis of concussion needs to be improved as well. American
studies have shown that over 80% of concussions are not discovered
because the medical team and the player interpret the symptoms
wrongly. Unfortunately, it is also the case that a knock on the skull
can cause an injury to the brain without the person feeling any
symptoms. We must know when there is concussion and when there is

Martin Waleij, CEO of BrainCool AB (publ), comments:
An important reason why concussion during a match can cause serious
ailment is that the body temperature, and hence also the temperature
of the blood and brain, often rises to around 39 °C during a match;
this means that the brain's need for oxygen and glucose is elevated,
which significantly increases the risk of cell death in connection
with concussion. A large number of studies have shown that the time
up to the reduction of the brain temperature is critical. Cooling
later than three hours after an injury usually has no effect. An
advantage of cooling ice hockey players who have suffered concussion
is that doctors and other care staff are present when the injury
occurs; cooling can thus be started within a few minutes after the
injury has been incurred.

For further information:
Patrik Sylvegård - CEO Malmö Redhawks
Mobile 0708-93 30 00
Martin Waleij - CEO BrainCool AB
Telephone: 0733-93 70 76

This press release is submitted both in English and Swedish, in case
of any discrepancies, the Swedish version will apply.


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