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Brighter AB: Year End Report 2014

Brighter AB (publ).

By means of its intellectual property Brighter develops innovations for people
who live with a medical condition. We develop the tools that improve the
situation and everyday lives of individuals. Half of Sweden's 4.6 million
households will be "connected" for home care or through mobile units within
five years. Brighter's objective is to simplify, streamline and strengthen
the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals through the
development of innovations in the area of digital health - a market that
already today - 2015 - is valued at 160 Billion US dollars on a global basis.

The Company's shares are listed on NASDAQOMX First North/BRIG.

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Summary of the period January 1 - December 31 2014.

Operating revenues totalled SEK 1,758,000 (927,000)

Profit/loss after financial items totalled SEK -22,441,000 (-2,783,000)

Earnings per share before dilution: SEK -1.32

Earnings per share after dilution: SEK -1.32

Financial calendar.

Interim information January-March 2015: 2015-06-05

Half-year report January-June 2015: 2015-08-28

Interim information January-September 2015: 2015-12-11

Significant events during the financial year 2014.

* January - private placement - ca SEK 25 million at SEK 7 per share.
* February - preferential rights issue - ca SEK 10 million at SEK 7 per
* March - Brighter's share moves from Aktietorget to the Nasdaq OMX First
North Exchange.
* May - Henrik Norström becomes COO.
* June * Three new members of the Board of Directors. * Options program
2014/17 Series I to members of the Board of Directors. * Options program
2014/17 Series II to employees and key personnel.
* July * A bank guarantee of SEK 752,458 provided to Stebro Plast AB expires,
which frees up the equivalent bank deposit funds and reduce the Company's
guarantee costs. * Decision to terminate distribution arrangement with
Rubin Medical.
* September - Decision to delay launch until March 2015.
* November * Brighter engages Remium Nordic as liquidity guarantor. *
Brighter engages Remium Nordic for its IR service. * Brighter
participates in the Innovative Sweden tour in Vietnam. * The SEK 50,000
bank guarantee placed with Euroclear was withdrawn by Euroclear, which
frees up the equivalent bank deposit funds and reduces the Company's bank
guarantee costs.

Significant events after the end of the period

2015-01-15 - Remium Nordic becomes the Company's Certified Adviser.

2015-01-26 - Senior lecturer Michael Alvarsson becomes an adviser to the

2015-02-06 - Decision to halt the launch of Brighter One. The Board of
Directors tasks the management team with exploring the possibility of
recovering damages against our technology partner.

2015-02-10 - Brighter request payment for damages against its previous
technology partner.

2015-02-20 - Brighter selects Veryday AB as its industrial design partner.

2015-03-16 - Brighter selects Helbling as its design&development partner.

The Board of Directors has taken steps to ensure the financing of the Company.

2015-03-26 - Brighter publishes press release about collaboration with
Microsoft in e- and m-health.

2015-03-30 - Brighter secures loan of 3 MSEK.

Message from the CEO.

Since 2007, Brighter has worked towards its objective of making life easier
for people living with diabetes. Brighter sees that progress is moving faster
than ever. Studies show that by 2020, 50 million devices will be connected to
the Internet. It is estimated that 15% of these devices will consist of
products in the e-health and m-health categories (m-health means mobile
healthcare aided by smartphones).

Brighter's decision earlier this year to cancel the launch of Brighter One was
a necessary strategic choice due to the extremely rapid rate of change we're
seeing in e-health and m-health - a global market valued at USD 160 billion
already this year.

Brighter must always be on the cutting edge of progress and meet the
expectations of tomorrow. Therefore I look forward to developing a better and
more competitive connected product with that will deliver considerably higher
value than Brighter One.

Next generation Brighter One doesn't just make life easier for diabetes
patients - it creates entirely new possibilities for communication between
patients, their healthcare providers, their families and many other
stakeholders. We call this "the Benefit Loop", where the data the patient
creates about his or her health and how he or she is managing the disease is
entered into other systems, guaranteeing a higher quality of treatment. If
the patient wishes, he or she can contribute data and create better and
faster research results, which can be a tremendous benefit to both society
and the pharmaceutical industry.

Brighter is making strategic decisions to deal with this development and
secure its position in the growing m-health market. Important decisions in
this process are the completed development of a new quality assurance system
under the supervision of Tüv Süd; the choice of our development partners
Helbling and Veryday, who are leaders in their fields; and the good
relationships we've built with global IT players with leading expertise in

Moreover Brighter collaborates with Microsoft and we investigate the
opportunities in e- and m-health in Sweden together. Having Microsoft along,
we have one of the pieces required to provide tomorrow's connected health and
this is what we educate customers about.

Brighter continues to focus on diabetes treatment. According to IDF, the
International Diabetes Federation, there are 388 million diabetics worldwide.
37% of them - 143 million people - are treated with insulin. IDF estimates
that half of the diabetics in the world have not been diagnosed. 11% of
global healthcare costs are for diabetes. Diabetes is growing by 10-15% per
year. It is estimated that there will be 600 million diabetics in the world
by 2030.

Brighter's mission is to make it easier for these people to manage their
disease, while giving them more freedom through the opportunities that the
connected next generation Brighter One will provide to individual patients
and to society as a whole.

Truls Sjöstedt
, CEO Brighter AB (publ).

The share.

Brighter AB (publ) is listed on the NASDAQOMX First North exchange under the
abbreviation BRIG. NASDAQOMX First North is a trading platform designated as
an MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility). As of 31 December 2014, 16,956,094
shares had been issued. All shares grant equal rights to the Company's
profits and assets.

Brighter's Certified Advisor at Nasdaq OMX First North is Pareto Securities

Proposed disposition of the company's earnings.

The Board of Directors and the CEO propose that no dividend be paid for the
financial year from 1 January to 31 December 2014.

Insiders' holdings.

| Shares. 31/12/2013 Change. 31/03/2015 |
| Truls Sjöstedt - CEO 4,781,486 142,857 4,924,343 |
| Michael Fratnzén 3,745,310 0 3,745,310 |
| Gert Westergren - Chairman 237,526 + 142,860 380,386 |
| Lars Flening - Board member 16,862 + 12,607 29,469 |
| Henrik Norström - vice VD 16.764 + 36,174 52,938 |
| Nadezda Ershova - Manager QA/QR 0 + 5,889 5,889 |
| Afsaneh Ghatan Bauer - Board member** 0 + 25,000 25,000 |

| Options. 31/12/2013 Change. 31/03/2015 |
| Truls Sjöstedt - CEO 71,125 0 71,125 |
| Michael Frantzén 30,014 0 30,014 |
| Gert Westergren - Chairman 512,459 +37,000 549,459 |
| Lars Flening - Board member 580,014 + 2,000 582,014 |
| Nadezda Ershova - Manager QA/QR 0 + 135,499 135,499 |
| Petra Kaur Ljungman - Board member 0 + 16,500 16,500 |
| Sara Murby Forste - Board member 0 + 12,500 12,500 |
Income statement in thousands kronor in summary.

| Thousand SEK. 01/01/2014 01/01/2013 01/07/2014 01/07/2013 |
| 31/12/2014 31/12/2013 31/12/2014 31/12/2013 |
| |
| Operating revenue. 1,758 927 999 916 |
| |
| Capitalization of development expenses. 1,758 884 1,007 884 |
| Other operating revenue. 0 43 -8 32 |
| |
| Operating expenses. -24,192 -3,281 -19,945 -319 |
| |
| Other external expenses. -4,024 -959 -2,137 1,476 |
| Staff expenses1. -4,544 -1,189 -3,145 -662 |
| |
| |
| 4,544 |
| Depreciation and amortization of tangible and intangible fixed assets2. -15,624 -1,133 -14,663 -1,133 |
| |
| Operating income. ...

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