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Cannes’ Cinando Announces Partnership with Shift72: Expanding the Online Film Festival Footprint

PARIS, Nov. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cinando, the premier online network for film professionals, a division of the Marché du Film - Cannes Film Festival, has extended its long-time partnership with New Zealand-based Shift72, the world's most trusted entertainment VOD platform, to bring the streaming experience home.

Since the beginning of the Cinando and Shift72 partnership in 2016, the two organizations have offered top-notch tools for festivals and markets to provide industry audiences with access to online screenings. This new chapter of the partnership takes the experience a step further, now offering festivals a white-label entertainment platform for their public audience needs, all the while maintaining the best-in-class DRM and piracy protection.

“COVID did not fundamentally change the entertainment experience. It accelerated a change that was already in place,” says David White, Founder and CEO of Shift72. “We are now at the apex of that generational shift in the entertainment experience and the research data is proving that hybrid is here to stay.”

Having worked together for both Mar del Plata and Séries Mania public-facing platforms during the pandemic, Cinando’s long-term industry know-how complimenting Shift72’s technological capabilities naturally steered the partnership into this new direction.

“After four successful years of collaboration, we recognized the need to continue innovating to deliver films to the general public,” expressed Jerome Paillard, Executive Director of the Marché du Film. “This allows Cinando to enter a new sector of the online festival experience and boost our network with new partners and clients.”

“With a growing number of entertainment audiences (~50%) planning to either watch new films exclusively on VOD or watch it in combination with the live experience[1], we know that we need to continue to innovate how we deliver entertainment content to the next generation of cinephiles and casual entertainment enthusiasts,” said Jerome Paillard, Executive Director, Marché du Film. “The partnership with Shift72 allows us to broaden our reach beyond our borders, provide entertainment access to those who may be restricted from attending the experience, and boost our network with partners and clients.”

About Cinando
Cinando is the premier online network for film professionals, a division of the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes created in 2003 offering innovative tools to navigate the industry.

Cinando provides over 65 000 film professionals with a wide range of services, from contacts to screeners and powering over 30 B2B platforms for festivals, markets and institutions alike, helping them make the most out of the industry and the events that come with it, all year round.

About Shift72
Shift72 is the world’s fastest growing video on demand (VOD) entertainment platform. Trusted by the biggest names in the industry, Shift72’s platform is the white labelled secure bridge that rapidly delivers the theatre and event entertainment experience - complete with content offerings from the world’s biggest studios - to your audience’s homes.

Media contacts:

Ximena Andion
Marketing & Customer Success Manager

Damian Bartolomucci
Head of Growth Marketing

1  “Predicting the Pandemic: Wave 4.” Hub Entertainment Research, July 2021.

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