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Change in board of directors

Minutes of extraordinary general meeting
GG St. Kongensgade 100 & 106 P/S
Østergade 1, 1.
DK-1100 Copenhagen K
CBR no.: 38 30 68 47

On 9 July 2020, an extraordinary general meeting of GG St. Kongensgade 100 & 106 P/S was held at the company’s registered address with the following  


  1. Election of chairman of the extraordinary general meeting                
  2. Proposed resolution to change the company's board of directors 
  3. Authorisation


Re item 1 on the agenda

Jacob Kruse Rasmussen, attorney-at-law, was elected chairman of the extra ordinary general meeting.

The chairman of the meeting found that the shareholders had decided to derogate from the requirements in the Danish Companies Act and the articles of association as to form and notice in respect of convening and holding the meeting pursuant to section 76(2) of the Danish Companies Act. 

On this basis, the chairman of the meeting found that the extra ordinary general meeting formed a quorum in every respect in relation to the items on the agenda.

Re item 2 on the agenda

Camilla Dalum had voiced her wish to resign as Chairman of the Board.

In this connection, proposal was made for the election of Jacob Kruse Rasmussen as new Chairman of the Board.
The General Meeting passed the proposed unanimously and by all votes represented.

The Board of Directors constituted itself immediately after as follows:

  • Jacob Kruse Rasmussen, Chairman of the Board
  • Jens Rytter, board member
  • Thomas Færch, board member

Re item 3 on the agenda

The General Meeting resolved to authorise attorney-at-law Jacob Kruse Rasmussen - with power of delegation – to apply for registration or register the passed resolutions with the Danish Business Authority and to make any such changes, including amendments to the documents prepared, as may be required by the Danish Business Authority as a condition for registration.

The ordinary general meeting was adjourned.


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