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Delta Minerals: Interim report January-March 2016

(This is a translation of the Swedish version. If any differences,
Swedish is the valid one.)

The period from January to March

· Operating income totaled -1 077 (-1 467) TSEK
· Profit after tax for the period amounted to -879 (-675) TSEK
· Earnings per share amounted to -0.01 (-0.03) SEK
· Shareholders ' equity per share was 0.09 (0.61) SEK
· The rights issue of November/December 2015 of 5.2 MSEK was
registered in January 2016

Significant events after the end of the reporting period

· Delta Minerals signed a partnership agreement in April 2016 with Chahaya Shipping & Trading Co. PTE LTD Singapore and is now preparing the deliveries.
· Delta Minerals was awarded price for best CRS project (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the Nordic group of companies in the Philippines, April 2016
· Delta Minerals concluded a rights issue of 18.9 MSEK in April and May 2016, which was oversubscribed by 186%
· The Board pursued a directed equity issue offer of 2.2 MSEK.

Delta Minerals

Delta Minerals AB is a public Swedish limited company listed on
AktieTorget with rights to pursue environmental projects in the
Philippines with the support of regional/local authorities. The
company's objective is to commence operations in estuaries in the
North West/Northern Philippines for the extraction of minerals and

The company's operations

Chahaya Shipping & Trading Co. PTE LTD and Delta Minerals have signed
a partnership agreement in April 2016 to increase sand volumes to
about 1 million ton annually. Chahaya is a shipping and trading
company, handling shipping and sale of reclamation sand to the
government of Singapore.

In conjunction to the negotiations, Delta Minerals presented a Master
Plan for Chahaya, to ensure the above deliverables. The plan
describes how Panamax vessels will be loaded outside the Cagayan
River mouth. Delta Minerals will also store the reclamation sand at
the mouth close to the anchorage ground.

The expansion to deliver 1 million tons reclamation sand per year now
commences. Chahaya is presenting the company plans for purchasers in
Singapore. Request for quotation for sand deliveries are made on an
ongoing basis, so we are likely to soon face deliveries.

The company has worked intensively in recent months to complete the
Master Plan. Gauging the river mouth have been pursued, planning
detailed logistics. An island in the river mouth will be used for
stockpiling reclamation sand close to anchorage ground for the large
Panamax vessels. A large area of sand storage on the eastern side has
also been identified. Initially we will have slightly higher costs,
but as the logistics is expanding, the business will become more cost

The cost of commencing the operations have significantly been reduced
relative to the company assessment, made in autumn 2015. The initial
dredging costs have been reduced, due to favorable bathymetric
studies. By starting with modular plants, even the initial costs have
been reduced.

Delta Minerals is one of the few companies in the Philippines, having
all the necessary permits for reclamation sand and the company is
strategically located in the Philippines. Other countries in the
region have been interested in Delta Minerals' products and business
concept, and we have great expectations that potential customers
project will be further developed.

In conjunction with the Chahaya partner agreement, the company has
pursued out a rights issue to ensure that Delta Minerals will be well
funded to respond to the Chahaya's increased demand.

The downward trend of iron ore price now seems to have reversed and
the last few months in the spring of 2016, the price has increased
sharply to more normal levels. The company has since the fall of 2015
received advances from the main customer SunGlobe.

Social and ecological work

In addition to the works that we have been able to contribute, Delta
Minerals is contributing to equip a local school. This has been made
with construction materials that the company has been manufacturing
and our support. We have also been supporting a hospital in Manila,
run by the Catholic order; The Dominican Sisters of the Presentation.

In April 2016, the company was awarded the prize as the best CRS
project (Corporate Social Responsibility) among the Nordic Business
Council members in the Philippines.

The share

The interest of the company has increased significantly and the number
of shareholders has increased to 5800. The large number of
shareholders allows for a powerful work in the Philippines.

Delta Minerals' rights issue was oversubscribed by 13.3 MSEK and was
signed to 183 percent. 17.9 MSEK was added to the company through
this issue. In total, investors for more than 29 MSEKwere interested
to in participate in the share issue. The Board has also pursued a
directed equity issue of additional 2.2 MSEK.

Economic outcomes

Group highlights

SEK 2016-01-01 2015-01-01 2015-01-01
2016-03-31 2015-03-31 2015-12-31
Net sales - - -
Other operating income - - -
Operating expenses -1 076 581 -1 466 579 -6 819 609
Operating profit -1 076 581 -1 466 579 -6 819 609
Net financial items 197 180 471 607 -184 467
Profit/loss after tax -879 401 -674 926 -6 328 899
Earnings per share -0.01 -0.03 -0.07
Shareholders ' equity per share 0.09 0.61 0.15
Change in cash and cash equivalents 943 175 -2 070 276 -2 124 509

Economic outcomes for the parent company

Profit after tax for the period January-March amounted to -867 (-1
004) TSEK. The balance sheet total amounted at the end of the period
to 19 033 (16 789) TSEK.

Economic outcomes group

The group does not have any sales or other sales in the first quarter.
Operating income totaled -1 077 (-1 467) TSEK. Cash flow during the
period was January to March 943 (-2 070) TSEK from operations 681 (-1
737) TSEK.

The balance sheet total at the end of the period was 15 027 (14 514)

The Group's liquid assets amounted to 1 973 (2 008) TSEK per 31 March.

Financial and other information

Group structure

Delta Minerals AB controls 100% of the Delta Environmental Projects,
Inc., based in Manila, the Philippines. In the beginning of 2015, a
sales company was established in Singapore to support sales efforts.


The Group's cash net investment amounts for the quarter to -30 (333)

Transactions with related parties

Milonga Resources AB has during the quarter by Thomas Lundgren
invoiced 334 TSEK company regarding consulting and directors ' fees,
Thomas Lundgren's CEO of Delta Minerals AB. International Advisory
Management AB (IAM) has in the quarter by Hakan Gustafsson invoiced
127 TSEK company regarding consulting and directors ' fees. Hakan
Gustafsson is Chairman of the Board in Delta Minerals AB. Consumer
Minds in Djursholm AB has by Christian Bönnelyche invoiced 24 TSEK
company regarding consulting and directors ' fees, Christian
Bönnelyche is a member of the Board of Delta Minerals AB.

Number of shares

The number of shares outstanding as of March 31, 2016 is 127 185 856.
These are divided into 6 284 130 A-shares and 120 901 726 B-shares.

STOCKHOLM on May 19, 2016

Thomas Håkan Gustafsson Cornelio Casido Christian Bönnelyche
CEO and Chairman of the Board Board member Board member

This interim report has not been reviewed by the company's Auditors.

For further information, please contact
Thomas Lundgren, CEO, Tel. + 46 (0) 70-397 25 24

Financial information
Quarterly report Q2 30 August 2016


Delta Minerals AB (publ)
Box 26
SE-182 11 Danderyd, Sweden
URL: www.deltaminerals .se (


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