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ESI Group: Discover the latest version of ESI's system modeling solution, SimulationX 3.8

Discover the latest version of ESI's system modeling solution, SimulationX 3.8

Industry proven solution delivers additional capabilities

to support biomedical applications and smart urban development

Paris, France - November 22, 2016 -
ESI Group, leading innovator in
Virtual Prototypingsoftware and services
for manufacturing industries, announces the latest version ofSimulationX, one
of the best known software brands in the field of systems modeling.
Strengthening ESI's portfolio,since the acquisition of German company ITI GmbH
at the beginning of this year,
SimulationX is an industry-proven software platform for dynamic multiphysics
system simulation, customizable to the specific needs of diverse industries.
The latest version of SimulationX (3.8) delivers significant enhancements and
additional features for the simulation of drive systems, electromechanics,
hydraulics, mechanics and pneumatics in various industries including
transportation, energy, industrial and mobile machinery, as well as mining.
Furthermore, completely new functionalities facilitate applications in the
development of tomorrow's biomedical sector and smart, green cities.

Supporting the open-source modeling language Modelica®, ESI's SimulationX
stands out through its flexible, easy-to-use and open architecture. The
comprehensive nature of its integrated libraries of realistic physical models
has helped establish SimulationX as the indisputable reference in a variety
of industrial fields where the intersection of physics disciplines (including
mechanics, electronics, controls) is increasingly advanced (e.g. electric or
hybrid powertrain applications). Today, SimulationX is used by over 700
customers from every industrial sector in 27 countries.

IAV, one of the world's leading automotive engineering service providers, uses
system simulation to optimize powertrain and vehicle performance."We achieve
continuous optimization of our internal development processes and
timeframes by effectively using SimulationX. We are looking forward to the
variety of new features and enhancements in the new version 3.8,"
saysDr. Bernd Findeisen
, Manager CAE/Test at IAV GmbH.

Among the important enhancements brought bySimulationX 3.8, users from various
industries, particularly those addressing mobile and industrial machinery as
well as subsea and oil&gas applications, benefit for instance from detailed
and convenient simulation of complex three dimensional rope and belt drives.
The new, dedicated model library with pulleys, drums and belts/ropes enables
the fast and efficient set-up of detailed models to evaluate all interactions
between belt or rope, input, output and controls and to determine forces and
torques. Also mechanical engineers in the energy, machinery and automotive
sector now benefit from readily available dedicated circuit model elements,
to integrate them in models of their machinery. Consequently they can achieve
efficient simulation and detailed analysis without the need for detailed
knowledge of electrical and controls engineering. Broader functionalities
have been added, for example to model and simulate detents, closing devices,
disk cam mechanisms, indexers as well as dog clutches in manual transmissions
in an easy and comfortable way. Finally, the new model library "Hydraulic
Brake Systems"
assists engineers in the automotive industry to ensure both safety and comfort
during braking maneuvers for cars and motorbikes (including influences of ABS
and ESP); ultimately speeding up the development processes of brake systems.

| |
| Image:Simulation of three dimensional rope and belt drives in ESI's |
|SimulationX 3.8. |
The new SimulationX 3.8"Microfluidics"
library provides comprehensive model elements to efficiently model, simulate
and analyze the physiological flow behavior through various organs in an
artificial microcirculatory system. Researchers and engineers in the
healthcare sector can now simulate the fluid system in a more efficient way,
accelerating the development of diagnostic equipment such as microfluidic
cell culture and lab-on-a-chip systems. System modeling enables the
pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to reduce animal testing, while
cutting down development cost and times. Thanks to the
state-of-the-art"Non-Newtonian Fluids"
library, engineers and scientists can also obtain reliable information about
the behavior of complex fluid systems with the objective to expand the
simulation of technical systems to precise, virtual evaluations of non-newton
fluids such as polymer melts, lotions and drilling mud.

In addition,SimulationX 3.8addresses the challenges faced by the urban
planners, civil engineers and energy professionals who are working together
to develop smart, green cities of the future. Thanks to ESI's software, they
are now able to simulate and optimize the efficiency of energy systems for
modern cities, including heat and combined grids. Using the dedicated
SimulationX model library"GreenCity"
allows them to easily model and simulate complex energy systems including
volatile energy sources, energy storage and consumption, as well as charging
infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Beneficial for all users across all industry sectors,SimulationX 3.8features a
more intuitive graphical user interface as well as improvements on the
calculation method and result visualization, to speed up all important work
steps - modeling, calculation and analysis - up to ten times.

For more information about SimulationX, please

(SimulationX is a registered trademark of ESI ITI GmbH. Modelica® is a
registered trademark of the Modelica Association.)

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About ESI Group

ESI Groupis a leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services.
Specialist in material physics,ESIhas developed a unique proficiency in
helping industrial manufacturers replace physical prototypes by virtually
replicating the fabrication, assembly and testing of products in different
environments. Today, coupled with Virtual Reality, animated by systems
models, and benefiting from data analytics,Virtual Prototypingbecomes
immersive and interactive: ESI's clients can bring their products to life,
ensuring reliable performance, serviceability and maintainability. ESI
solutions help world-leading OEM's and innovative companies make sure that
their products will pass certification tests - before any physical prototype
is built - and that new products are competitive in their market space.
Virtual Prototyping addresses the emerging need for products to be smart and
autonomous and supports industrial manufacturers in their digital

Today, ESI's customer base spans nearly every industry sector. The company
employs about 1100 high-level specialists worldwide to address the needs of
customers in more than 40 countries. For more information, please

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