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FAM AB: As previously communicated, the holdings of the Wallenberg Foundations in FAM have now been transferred to Wallenberg Investments AB

As it has been previously communicated, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, and the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation have commissioned the wholly owned holding company Wallenberg Investments AB to manage their assets. Due to this restructuring of the Foundations' assets, the holding company FAM is now owned by Wallenberg Investments AB.

FAM's ownership stakes in existing holdings remain unchanged.

In connection with its acquisition of FAM, Wallenberg Investments AB, as a formality, is required to report a notification of changes in major shareholdings to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority and to the companies regarding its indirect acquisitions of shareholdings in the listed companies Munters, SKF and Stora Enso. Wallenberg Investments AB's acquisition of FAM does not affect FAM's ownership stakes in Munters, SKF and Stora Enso - FAM will continue to be the owner of these holdings as before.

After the acquisition of FAM, Wallenberg Investments AB became the parent company of FAM - i.e., the new indirect owner of the shareholdings in Munters, SKF and Stora Enso. In the same manner as FAM was previously controlled by the three largest Wallenberg Foundations, Wallenberg Investments AB is controlled by the three largest Wallenberg Foundations. There has thus been no change in the ultimate control of the holdings in question.

At the same time as the acquisition of FAM, Wallenberg Investments AB, as it has been previously announced, has also acquired the shares held by the largest Wallenberg Foundations in Saab, SAS and EQT.

Wallenberg Investments AB's responsibilities include asset management and corporate governance on both a short- and long-term basis. Wallenberg Investments AB is the company where the strategic decisions are made about the assets of the Wallenberg Foundations.
Wallenberg Investments AB (

For more information contact:
Laura Bergtoft,
+46 735 15 22 61
About FAM AB:
FAM is a privately-owned holding company with a long-term ownership horizon. FAM is owned by the three largest Wallenberg Foundations via Wallenberg Investments AB. FAM focuses its ownership on a number of strategic holdings and a selection of alternative investments. By actively contributing to the long-term development of holdings, their dividend capacity and value can increase over time. Growth in the value of the holdings and dividends from FAM contribute to the Foundations' value growth and their ability to give grants for research and education.

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