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Festi hf.: Changes in management at ELKO

ELKO Managing Director, Gestur Hjaltason has resigned from his position as of December 31 2021, after successfully leading the company from 2002. ELKO’s board has appointed Deputy Managing Director, Óttar Örn Sigurbergsson, as the new Managing Director of ELKO as of January 1, 2022. Mr Sigurbergsson has worked for the company since 2004 and Mr Hjaltason will be of assistance until the middle of next year.  
Eggert Þór Kristófersson, CEO of Festi:  
“I want to thank Mr Hjaltason for great collaboration in the past years. It is safe to say that Mr Hjaltason has had a great and positive impact on ELKO’s operations and success throughout the years as he has diligently managed the company for nearly 20 years. On behalf of ELKO’s board and Festi, I wish Mr Hjaltason the best of luck at this juncture. We are fortunate that Mr Sigurbergsson will take the lead as he is very familiar with ELKO’s operations, having worked for the company for 17 years.”  
Gestur Hjaltason, Managing Director of ELKO:  
“At this point, I wish to thank the good and fantastic people I have worked with and had business with during my time at ELKO. It has been a privilege to be a part of the team unity that ELKO possesses, and I am proud of the success we have achieved together. I leave the company in good hands with Mr Sigurbergsson, who receives a worthy assignment in making the most of the many opportunities that lie ahead in the fast-growing electronics and retail markets.”   
For further information, contact Eggert Þór Kristófersson, CEO of Festi ( 

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