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Insplorion: Purchase of rights to use nanofluidics with nanoplasmonik for maximum miniaturization and multi-sample analysis

Insplorion has recently acquired a patent application entitled "A
Sensor, Method and System for Detecting an Analyte in a Fluid" of the
three inventors Christoph Langhammer, Fredrik Westerlund and Joachim
Fritzsche, all of which are active at Chalmers University of
Technology. The invention is based on combining nanofluidics with
nanoplasmonik, enabling very small concentrations of samples to be
detected at many different individual measuring points.

The background to the invention started more than four years ago, when
Insplorion's founder Christoph Langhammer's knowledge in
nanoplasmonics combined with Fredrik Westerlund's knowledge in
nanofluidics. The new technology is expected to solve the problem of
obtaining very small concentrations of molecules of interest to the
measuring point where the detection takes place, so that the analysis
can be done in a reasonable time. The solution, still in early
technical development, is considered to have great potential for
detecting everything from biomarkers in blood samples at low
concentrations to more general medical and biosensor development.

Protecting this technical solution is in line with the strategy
Insplorion have for future product development in both business
areas; Instruments and Sensor Systems. In both areas is it important
to miniaturize and measure at several points simultaneously. The
possibility to ensure that target molecules through nano channels
quickly find their way to the detection site is also deemed as of
great importance for future application areas.

"We are pleased that we are strengthening our protection for future
products in both our business areas with this work. The inventors are
compensated in two steps, a smaller portion for the patent
application and a future royalty payment based on future sales of
products based on the patent. In this way, the compensation is fair
and everyone wants to continue to contribute to the commercialization
even in this early development phase of the project." comments Patrik
Dahlqvist, CEO of Insplorion.

Questions are answered by:

Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO Insplorion AB, +46 723 62 32 61 or


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