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Insplorion: Strategic collaboration with multinational component company and AGM Batteries

An American power component company is investing about $50 000 in
collaboration with Insplorion and the British battery cell
manufacturer AGM Batteries. The aim is to develop a battery cell with
commercial manufacturing potential where Insplorion's battery sensor
is integrated. This is the first time Insplorion's sensor will be
integrated into a commercial manufacturing process. The cell and the
results of the development project will be used in the continued
contact with major battery manufacturers.

The multinational power component company which is listed at NASDAQ
has manufacturing locations in more than 10 countries and a turnover
of several hundred millions USD. They have customers within battery
and car manufacturing, such as Samsung, LG, Ford and Autoliv. They
have asked not be disclosed at this stage for competitiveness

AGM Batteries Ltd is a UK-based battery cell manufacturer which was
established in 1997 to produce lithium colbalt oxide and lithium
manganese oxide cylindrical cells for specialist markets. It now
works with clients and partners to scale new battery cell
technologies through to manufacture using its 4000sq metre plant. In
addition to developing propriety and client specific cell and battery
products it undertakes collaborative research such as the £5.4M
Advanced Propulsion Centre funded project to integrate smart cell BMS
technologies into battery packs for high performance automotive HEV

The project is expected to take 6-9 months and will focus on
integrating the Insplorions fiber-based battery sensor in AGMs
battery cells. With a sensor in the battery, the charging and
discharging processes can be better monitored and more closely
measure the battery's momentary status compared with today's blunt
methods which only measure voltage and temperature.

"This initial cooperation project is of strategic importance for
Insplorion. For large-scale sales of our battery sensor, we have
always expected that we will need to cooperate with major OEM
manufacturers who already have the possibility of large-scale
manufacturing and are established as a supplier to the battery and
automotive industries. This multinational component company is the
type of player that can help us to reach a wide audience with our
battery sensor. In addition, AGM Batteries Ltd is an excellent
partner in this stage, since they are used to innovative projects,
"says Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO of Insplorion.

"We envisage that the Insplorion technology can be viably integrated
into cells and will provide invaluable data to optimise performance
in the rapidly expanding Automotive and Energy Storage markets, which
will outstrip the current Li ion volumes driven by the consumer
electronics and telecommunication industries" says Steven Farmer,
Chief Operating Officer of AGM Batteries Ltd.

Questions are answered by:
Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO of Insplorion AB, +46 723 62 32 61 or


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