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Investor to utilize mandate to transfer shares

The Annual General Meeting of Investor 2021 authorized the company's Board to resolve on the transfer of the company's own shares. The shares may be transferred in order to, among other things, secure the obligations and hedge the costs related to Investor's long-term variable remuneration program for employees within Investor and to the synthetic shares issued as part of the Board remuneration. Investor hereby announces that the company's Board has decided to utilize the authorization for these purposes.

The transfer of own shares may take place on Nasdaq Stockholm during the period from May 6, 2021 up to the Annual General Meeting 2022 at a price within the price interval registered from time to time. 

Investor currently owns 1,266,113 B shares and the maximum number of shares that may be transferred amounts to 1,500,000 B shares (or 6,000,000 B shares after implementation of the share split resolved by the Annual General Meeting).

For further information:

Viveka Hirdman-Ryrberg, Head of Corporate Communication and Sustainability, 
Phone +46 70 550 3500
Magnus Dalhammar, Head of Investor Relations, 
Phone +46 73 524 2130

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