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Maple Leaf Gold Resources AB: The Advantage of Gold Mining in North America as well as an update on the DD process with Carmith Mine!


The Board of Directors at Maple Leaf Gold would like to clarify certain facts
that display the profitability of gold mining in North America.

The wholly owned subsidiary, Windsor Gold, owns three mining claims in British
Columbia, Canada. The first claim, Maple Leaf 1 in Canadian Creek, is ready
for mining production starting May 1st 2015. The claim is estimated to
contain around 168,000 troy ounce (4,500 kg) of gold which gives the company
20 to 30 years of mining in the area. The estimated production per year for a
full mining production is around 160 kg of gold, or up to 6 million USD (gold
price at $1,100 per Oz troy). The extraction costs are under 400 USD per Oz
troy (31.1 grams) of gold or 600 USD when including overhead costs. The
reasons for the low extraction costs lies in the method of open pit mining
and the high yield of gold per tonne of gravel. This makes the mining
operation highly profitable with a gold price around 1,100 USD per oz or

The current spot price on gold has moved from around 1,100 USD close to 1,200
USD per oz t during the last few months. The decrease in the gold price is
deceptive since its price has not changed much compared to the Swedish Krona
or the Euro. In fact, it is the US Dollar that has increased in value in the
past few months.

“It’s important for all investors to understand that gold mining in Canada
cannot be compared to gold mining in Scandinavia. The Cariboo District has
first of all a much higher yield of gold, circa 9 to 18 grams per tonne of
gravel compared to Scandinavia’s 2 to 3 grams per tonne of gravel.
Additionally, our mining project in Canada is an open pit mine, while
Scandinavian mining companies have to excavate tunnels deep underground which
comes with heavy costs” says Ben Hedenberg, the company’s Chariman.
Furthermore, Ben Hedenberg claims “Our subsidiary, Windsor Gold in Canada,
owns three claims. Above are the values contained in one of these claims,
Maple Leaf 1 in Canadian Creek. The other two are estimated to contain
similar amounts of gold. Alongside that, we also have our claim in Happy 2,
Arizona, USA. This gives Maple Leaf Gold a high profit potential”

MLG published news on September 29th detailing the LOI that was signed with
the owners of Carmith Mine, Amarillo, Texas for a possible Joint Venture
agreement. MLG will continue the due diligence process before it signs a
contract. This process is estimated to go on until December.

On October 6th, MLG presented an LOI with the owner of Cafferty Mine where a
similar Joint Venture agreement is being planned. The due diligence process
for this project is estimated to last until Q1 of 2015.

Trading on the stock exchange

Nordic MTF (NGM) has approved Maple Leaf Gold for listing on the stock
exchange in Sweden so long it meets the capital requirement of 10 million
SEK. Once this requirement is met, the company’s shares will be publicly
traded under: MLG MTF, ISIN Nr. SE 000 621 9556 and international CUSIP
number W5S79S 108.

Initial Public Offering

Maple Leaf Gold is currently running its IPO via Funded By Me from November
5th until December 5th. The memorandum along with the subscription form can
be found

For additional information, please contact Stefan Nordstrom, CEO at +46 042
691 86, or Ben Hedenberg, Chairman at +1 416 444 4001.

Maple Leaf Gold Resources AB (publ) serves as a holding company for its
subsidiaries which focus on prospecting and production of rare earth metals.
The subsidiaries specifically deal within extraction of rare earth metals in
North America. The company has been accepted for official listing on the NGM
Nordic MTF stock exchange so long as it meets all necessary requirements.
More information can be found on the company website

Maple Leaf Gold Resources AB (publ)

Sofierovägen 35

254 33 Helsingborg Sweden

SWE tel: +46 (0)42-69186 NA tel: +1 416 444 4001

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