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MEDA: Information to the holders of notes issued by Meda

Meda AB has previously issued 2013/2018 SEK 600,000,000 floating rate
notes (ISIN: SE0005132180) and 2014/2019 SEK 750,000,000 floating
rate notes (ISIN: SE0005991635), which are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm
(the "Notes").

Following the completion of a public tender offer by Mylan N.V.
("Mylan") regarding Meda in August 2016, Meda is now a Mylan
subsidiary. The shares of Mylan are listed on the NASDAQ Global
Select Stock Market in the United States and the Tel Aviv Stock
Exchange in Israel.

Mylan has issued a guarantee in favor of each of the holders of the
Notes (the "Guarantee"). Under the Guarantee, Mylan guarantees the
fulfilment of Meda's obligations to the holders of the Notes
according to the terms and conditions of the Notes. The obligations
guaranteed by Mylan include both Meda's obligation to pay interest
and its obligation to repay the principal amount on the respective
maturity date of the Notes.

In light of the Guarantee, Nasdaq Stockholm has granted Meda an
exemption from the requirement in the Nasdaq Stockholm Rule Book for
Issuers to publish financial statements. Instead, Mylan has
undertaken to publish its US GAAP financial reports (Quarterly Report
on Form 10-Q (Q1-Q3) and Annual Report on Form 10-K) in Sweden.

For more information about Mylan, see

For further inquiries, please contact: Kris King (Investors) Tel: +1 724 514 1813


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