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Nilar and RRK announce establishment of a Nilar battery production plant in Paldiski, Estonia

Nilar International ("Nilar") is progressing to establish a battery and energy storage production site in Estonia in cooperation with Riigiressursside Keskus OÜ ("RRK Logistics Parks"). 

Estonian industrial and logistics real estate company Riigiressursside Keskus OÜ (RRK Logistics Parks) is building a factory for Nilar, Nilar's second plant after Gävle in Sweden, to produce batteries for stationary energy storage systems.
According to a recently signed agreement between Nilar and RRK, a 1st stage of an eventual 7000 sqm factory building at Lõuna 6b, Paldiski is currently being built, involving rebuilding of existing buildings and construction of new buildings. Nilar starts the installation of plant machinery in the first half of 2022 and the factory is planned to start up operations in the second half of 2022.
Erik Oldmark, Nilar's CEO: "With good shipping connections to Sweden and very good access to green energy from a large local wind farm, it was easy for Nilar as one of Europe's most energy efficient battery producers to choose Paldiski as the location for the establishment of our next production facility. Through RRK we have the perfect partner to help us establish the company quickly in Estonia. Another factor is that Estonia has direct rail connections to Nickel production sites in Russia and in China, which may help to reduce logistics times."
Jarno Sild, Nilar's contact person at RRK, adds: "We are excited to work with Nilar to help establish high-tech precision battery manufacturing in Estonia. Our site in Paldiski is close to Tallinn with its technical resources, and close to Keila with its large electrical equipment manufacturing base. The cooperation with Nilar in planning the rebuilding has been smooth, so we are very happy with having Nilar as an important tenant."

For further information, please contact: 

Erik Oldmark, CEO
+46 70 432 4444
Jarno Sild, RRK Logistics Parks representative
+372 513 7445
Press contact:
Matilda Ekman Vråmo
+46 72-213 01 28

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