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Norwegian Property ASA - Mandatory notification of trade

Carucel Invest AS, a company controlled by Carl Erik Krefting (Krefting) who is a board member of Norwegian Property ASA (NPRO), has on July 20, 2021, terminated its existing TRS agreement relating to 4,262,801 shares in NPRO at NOK 18.25 per share. In addition, Carucel Invest AS has sold 356,664 shares at NOK 18.25 per share in NPRO by accepting the tending offer from Geveran Trading Co. Limited. Krefting has also today exercised his options for the subscription of 500,000 shares in NPRO by the way of cash settlement based on market price of 18.25 per share and the original strike price of NOK 11.50 per share and subject to market based adjustments in accordance with the terms of the option agreement.

Following the transactions, Krefting and companies controlled by Krefting, does not own any shares, nor any rights related to shares in NPRO.

Please see further details in the attached forms. 

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