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The old man has spoken

Henry Kissinger warns US to escalate the conflict with China. He advocates that the United States accept the existence of an additional world power. China continues its plan to be the leading world power in 2049. It will be interesting to follow the world stock market indices until then.

The 20th century began with Britain and Europe being forced to hand over the baton to the United States as the leading power in the world. Now the 21st century has begun, it is China that is seriously challenging the United States. This is happening at all levels, not only economically but it also includes official prosperity, democracy, health, the environment, and harmony. To this must, of course, be added the unofficial plan to be the strongest force in Asia.

Forecasts indicate that the United States and China will pull away from other key countries in GDP development until 2060, with India some way behind. Based on this, you should put all your savings in funds in the US and China and spice it up a bit with Indian stocks. The old economies of Europe and Japan are in a real dilemma though.

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The old man has spoken

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