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OpSec Security launches OpSec® SuRe – innovative surface relief technologies for security and brand protection applications

CROWTHER, Great Britain, Nov. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpSec Security, the leader in fully integrated on-product and online authentication and brand protection, has today launched OpSec® SuRe, a family of surface relief effects for security and brand protection applications that provide visually stunning overt Level 1 security features for ease of public recognition with the naked eye.

With decades of expertise in holography and Optical Variable Devices (OVDs) for secure applications, OpSec’s latest advancement, OpSec® SuRe, leverages cutting edge optical technologies that appear three dimensional and offer high security performance, without compromising the integrity of the document or product. Created with proprietary technology (patent pending), the graphic imagery of OpSec® SuRe is visible in all lighting conditions and is simple for the public to recognize and verify. Distinctly different to a hologram and more easily viewable in any lighting, OpSec® SuRe can be easily integrated with any of OpSec’s existing colored and dynamic features.

OpSec® Cameo is the first in a series of forthcoming products within the OpSec® SuRe family. Cameo creates the visual illusion of a three-dimensional bas relief sculpture that appears raised and sculpted or molded on the surface with a depth of several millimeters. Cameo imagery can be integrated with multiple holographic techniques from OpSec to produce aesthetically pleasing designs with varying levels of security for overt public, covert inspector, and forensic investigator level verification.

The latest innovation from OpSec supports the organization's commitment to meeting growing marketplace demand for efficient and effective authentication solutions. Roger Herring, Director of Product Management of OpSec’s Authentication Films and Foils, commented, “This is a real step forward for OpSec’s high security and brand application capabilities. Our customers can combine the visual effects of three-dimensional sculpture with sophisticated holographic effects to bring the highest level of optical security to vibrant and pleasing designs that are simple to recognize, yet very difficult to replicate.”

The OpSec® SuRe family includes a range of technologies, including ideal solutions for banknotes, brand protection programs, identity solutions, security documents, tax stamps, and other high security applications. OpSec® SuRe is fully supported by our global cutting-edge design, technology, and manufacturing resources. OpSec’s secure manufacturing facilities are accredited to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14298:2013. OpSec is also a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association and operates in accordance with the IHMA Code of Practice.

Contact the experts at OpSec to request a sample and a consultation to discuss a customized solution to fit your specific challenges.

About OpSec Security 
OpSec Security is the global market leader in securing and protecting brands and providing uncompromised high security solutions to governments and brands across the globe.

After decades of leadership in brand protection technology, OpSec grew to become the leading provider of fully integrated brand and document security, providing companies and governments with myriad solutions to help our customers ensure brand quality, reputation, and integrity.

OpSec is a leading innovator in online brand and digital content protection, offering our clients end-to-end safeguards against counterfeiting, piracy, and unauthorized usage. We continue to innovate, finding increasingly advanced ways to meet an ever-growing range of threats. Even as the counterfeiters, pirates, and other bad actors employ more sophisticated ways to damage your brand, we never stop getting better at protecting it.

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Amanda Hershey
Marketing Communications Manager
Phone: +1 (717) 475-9110

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