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Photocat A/S : Reports highest sales of photocatalytic materials in 2015

DURING THE PERIOD * Photocat completed Initial Public Offering on NASDAQ First North Stockholm.
The Company raised SEK 14.6 m. First day of trading in November 2015.
* Signed agreements with 2 important customers in Photocat Garden and
Shine-On business. The agreements will secure important distribution of
Photocat products.

after the period * Entered agreement with Quandt Dachbahnen in Berlin aiming at supplying the
Berlin area with Roofing membranes to reduce the consequences of
* Entered agreement with Binn?&Sohn GmbH in Hamburg aimed at offering a range
of NOx reducing bitumen membranes. The products will be marketed through
Binn?&Sohn existing points of sales.

The Fourth Quarter was a busy quarter where many customer leads put Photocat
on hold position as they expressed uncertainty on whether the Paris COP 21
turned out positive. Furthermore, they wanted to see Photocat results of the
Initial Public Offering in the 4thquarter. In Q4 Photocat had tested its
sales set up and verified through focused actions on specific customers the
ability to sell technology solutions using Photocat air purifying technology.
2015 became the first year where Photocat converted from offering consultancy
services to delivering photocatalysts. Photocat delivered more than 10 ton of
catalyst in 2015 which is an all-time high and shows that we have got a base
of solid recurring customers, who believes in the NOxOFF technology. The
expected upturn in turnover is expected to be delayed with 6 to 9 months
based on the developments in the second half and particular last quarter of

From the point of getting customers to sign-in with the NOxOFF concept we
could see that the lead portfolio of Photocat proved to be genuine although
it took longer than expected to land the 2 most recent NOxOFF Bitumen
customers. It also became clear that the specific leads wanted to see the
outcome of Photocat's IPO before starting the production of NOxOFF solutions.
The turnover landed below 2015 expectations due to a later listing date than
expected. Photocat has since the start of 2016 entered into agreements
securing significant growth in sales of Photocatalyst in 2016 as the orders
at present is higher than the total volumes delivered in 2015.

The IPO resulted in a success on the first day of trading as both volume in
share sales where higher than average for First North listed companies. The
outcome of the IPO gave Photocat sufficient funds to operate and implement
first part of the strategy plan. Yet it may be that Photocat will try to
exploit the mandate at hand to increase the share capital and raise
additional capital in 2016. Photocat has credit lines available from its
financial institution which will be reviewed in order to see whether these
facilities should be enlarged or reduced.

In the aftermath of the COP21 it became clear that the matter of air pollution
is a major world health problem and not only in China. Today the most air
polluted cities are estimated to be in India and since the publication in
Environmental Pollution from the Dutch research group from Radboud University
it is clear that Dieselgate alone will cost enormous resources and mean
45.000 Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY's). Photocat believe that these
result will to a greater extent than earlier force political decision makers
to react and appreciate documentation based solutions to reduce NOx in the
air similar to what Photocat offers.

Financial Summary of the year 2015

* Photocats first year of transformation from R&D Company ended with a strong
growth in volume sales of our photocatalyst in both Photocat GardenTM,
NOxOFFTM, Shine-OnTMand ACTIFLOORTM. In all 4 product categories volume is
up to all time high levels. What is promising for 2016 is that we have
orders for higher volumes than we delivered in 2015 for all product
* To meet the demands and to be able to deliver on time to the customers,
Photocat has increased production of photocatalytic materials and increased
inventory.hone: +45 70 22 50 55016)07.2016 - d economically to
degrade NOx ed materials s that we have orders for higher volumes t
* 2015 was also the first year we recorded sales in all four product


Photocat A/S manufactures patented photocatalytic materials for both outdoor
and indoor applications with the effect to degrade NOx and VOCs when exposed
to light. Both NOx and VOCs are severely damaging to human health. Photocats
patented technology is a very efficient and economically viable alternative
to many of the traditional technologies targeting NOx.

Photocats shares was listed in Nasdaq First North in Stockholm November 20,
2015, with the ticker symbol PCAT.

The companys Certified Advisor is Redeye AB.


First Quarter Report (01.01.2016 - 31.03.2016)
Annual Report (01.01.2015 - 31.12.2015)
Annual General Meeting
Second Quarter (01.04.2016 - 30.06.2016)
Third Quarter Report (01.07.2016 - 30.09.2016)

| IN DKK Note Q4 Full-year Q4 Full-year |
| |
| 2015 2015 2014 2014 |
| Nettooms?tning 193.042,00 2.390.207,00 147.330,15 3.817.045,21 |
| |
|Revenue |
| Andre driftsindt?gter 454.413,00 454.413,00 265.074,00 265.074,00,00 |
|Other operating income |
| Omkostninger til r?varer og hj?lpe- 796.703,00 140.014,00 -143.246,19 -495.680,35 |
| |
|materialer |
|Expenses for raw materials and consumables |
| Andre eksterne omkostninger -1.604.449,36 -3.558.452,00 -149.109,40 -1.764.438,19 |
| |
|Other external expenses |
| Bruttoresultat -160.291,36 -573.818,00 120.048,56 1.822.000,67 |
| |
|Gross profit |
| Personal- 205.328,00 -2.540.820,00 124.037,81 -1.566.418,04 |
|eomkostninger |
|Staff expenses |
| Af- og nedskrivninger af immaterielle og materielle anl?gs- -982.110,92 -2.373.373,25 -723.831,47 -1.891.258,69 |
|aktiver |
|Depreciation, amortisation and impairment of intangible assets and property, |
|plant and equipment |
| Resultat f?r finansielle poster -937.074,28 -5.488.011,25 -479.745,10 -1.635.676,06 |
| |
|Profit/loss before financial income and expenses |
| Finansielle omkostninger -105.273,00 -397.254,00 -85.214,71 -253.701,97 |
|Financial expenses |
| Resultat f?r skat -1.042.347,28 -5.885.265,25 -564.959,81 -1.889.378,03 |
| |
|Profit/loss before tax |
| Skat 239.026,00 239.026,00 473.779,61 473.779,61 |
|Taxes |
| Resultat -803.321,28 -5.646.239,25 -91.180,20 -1.415.598,42 |
| |
|Net profit/loss |

Balance Sheet 31STof December

| IN DKK Note Q4 Year- Q4 Year- |
| |
| 2015 end 2014 end |
| |
| 2015 2014 |
| F?rdiggjorte udviklings- ...

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