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Revenio Group Corporation: Financial Statement Bulletin January 1-December 31, 2015: Strong growth and healthy profit performance continued in 2015

Revenio Group Corporation, Stock Exchange Release, February 15, 2016 at 9.00

Revenio Group Corporation's Financial Statement Bulletin January 1-December
31, 2015

Revenio Group Corporation has adopted the publication procedure enabled by the
Financial Supervisory Authority's Regulations and guidelines 7/2013
(Disclosure obligation on issuers) and is publishing its Financial Statement
for January- December 2015 as an appendix to this stock exchange release
which is a summary of the Revenio Group Corporation's Financial Statement for
January-December 2015. The document can be read in full in the PDF appendix
to this release. The Financial Statement 2015 is also available on Revenio's

Strong growth and healthy profit performance continued in 2015, largely driven
by the US markets

January-December 2015 in brief, continuing Group functions:

* Revenio saw outstanding growth and profitability in 2015, despite growth
* Net sales totaled EUR 20.3 (16.0) million; an increase of 26.3%
* Operating profit amounted to EUR 5.8 (4.4) million; an increase of 30.5%
* US markets grew organically 24.4%
* Earnings per share, continuing operations EUR 0.61 (0.47)
* Diluted earnings per share for continuing and discontinued operations EUR
0.85 (-0.09)
* In December, Revenio announced that its subsidiary Icare was launching a
new Icare ic100 tonometer on the European markets in January, to replace
the Icare TA01i tonometer introduced to the markets in 2003
* In December, Revenio Group Corporation announced that its market valuation
will change from Small Cap to Mid Cap on January 4, 2016
* The Board will propose to the Annual General Meeting of March 15, 2016 a
dividend of EUR 0.70 (0.45). The proposed dividend per-share includes
non-recurring items generated by 2015 divested businesses. This
non-recurring portion of the dividend is EUR 0.15.

October-December 2015 in brief, continuing Group functions:

* Net sales totaled EUR 5.5 million (5.0), representing growth of 10.4 %,
while the operating result was EUR 1.2 million (1.3), a fall of 5.2 %
* The net sales of the Revenio Health Tech business segment rose by 10.4% to
EUR 5.5 million (5.0). Operating profit was EUR 1.8 (1.6) million, an
increase of 13.4 %.
* Diluted earnings per share from continuing operations EUR 0.14 (0.15)

Key figures, continuing functions, MEUR

| 1-12/2015 1-12/2014 Change-% |
| Net sales, Group 20.3 16.0 26.3 |
| Operating profit, Group 5.8 4.4 30.5 |
| Net sales, Health Tech 20.3 16.0 26.3 |
| Operating profit, Health Tech 7.4 5.4 37.6 |
| Undiluted earnings per share 0.61 0.47 28.6 |
| Diluted earnings per share 0.61 0.47 28.6 |
| Cash flow from operating activities 4.9 3.6 37.0 |
| 31 Dec 2015 31 Dec 2014 Change, %-point |
| Equity ratio-% 81.6 62.4 19.2 |
| Gearing-% -48.3 -22.4 25.9 |
Financial guidance for 2016

Net sales growth is expected to remain strong. Profitability is expected to
remain at a healthy level despite growth investments.

Olli-Pekka Salovaara, President and CEO, comments on the company's performance
in 2015:

"Revenio performed well in 2015, as evidenced by growing sales and a strong
foothold in the US markets. In terms of numbers, 2015 was successful and we
were able to build on past performance, with net sales up by 26.3 per cent
and operating profit by 30.5 per cent from the previous year, reflecting our
growing market share as one of the leading suppliers of tonometers worldwide.
During the year, we received sales permits for Icare TA01i in China and
Brazil, which will provide more growth potential in these new markets.
Meanwhile, the systematic progress made with new product concepts related to
asthma and skin cancer is providing us with what we need to achieve our goal:
to be the global leader in screening technologies.

The year began with the introduction of a new organizational structure
following the official launch of Revenio Research Oy. The decision to
separate the research and development of new products from operating
activities better equips us to pursue further systematic development based on
our product concepts, while our companies engaged in business activities can
focus fully on the sales and marketing of existing products.

All our teams have done a great job and we should be proud of our achievements
in 2015. However, becoming the global leader in selected screening
technologies will require continuous efforts in research and development, as
well as in sales, marketing and quality assurance. To help us meet this goal,
we have recruited new personnel in the preparation of new product launches
and entry into new market areas. For skilled professionals, we can offer
challenging positions in an international environment within a leading health
technology company.

More than 40% of the world's health technology products are sold in the United
States. Accounting for an approximately 50 per cent share of our net sales,
the United States is Revenio's key market area.

An updated version of the Icare tonometer TA01i, ic100, was granted a CE
marking in Europe and thereby a sales permit in the EU. The market launch and
sales of this new product will begin in early 2016. The ic100 has required
significant R&D investments, and we expect it to gradually replace the Icare
TA01i tonometer introduced to the markets in 2003. Probes also generated
strong sales, with sales up by 35 per cent from the previous year. Probe
sales are expected to become more substantial following growth in device
sales and increasingly active use of the devices.

In September, after meticulous preparation, we filed a sales license
application with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the
Icare HOME tonometer designed for monitoring eye pressure at home. The FDA
sent additional questions regarding the application in November. These were
routine questions, requesting further clarifications and additional analyses.
The questions were answered after the review period in February 2016. We are
ready to launch sales in the United States immediately after the license has
been granted. A sales license application for the Icare ic100 tonometer has
also been filed in the United States. We expect to receive a sales licence
for both products during 2016.

We have also taken steps to align the Icare organization in the United States
with the growth prospects of this major market, by hiring a financial manager
and a product marketing manager specializing in the market launch of the HOME
tonometer. Similarly, much of my personal input will be dedicated to the US
market, which is why I have been working at our Raleigh office since early

In 2015, sales efforts related to the Oscare Sono® osteoporosis detection
device focused on locating distributors and end customers. Although sales
volumes were relatively modest, we are moving in the right direction. I
believe that the actions and product improvements currently under way will
boost device sales in 2016.

The product concept development work carried out at Revenio Research on the
detection, patient-led screening and follow up of asthma and skin cancer is
proceeding as planned. I feel very confident about the future of these
product concepts and believe that we will be able to announce more details in
2016 on the productization of both concepts and the timing of their global
market launch. In 2015, we invested EUR 1.5 million in health technology
project development projects that were not related to the Icare product

As stated in our strategy, our goal is to be the global leader in selected
screening technologies. To achieve this goal, we need to generate profitable
growth, which we have been able to do for several years. Supporting the
success of Icare with continuous research and development is an important
part of our strategy. In addition, we must strengthen our position through
licensing, productization and commercialization, and acquisitions.

We owe this success to our committed employees and partners around the world.
I also want to thank our shareholders for their trust and confidence in our


A briefing for analysts, portfolio managers and media representatives will be
held on February 15, 2016, starting at 10:00 a.m. The presentation material
will be available on the company's website atwww.revenio.fiafter the event.

Revenio Group Corporation
Board of Directors

For further information, please contact:
President&CEO Olli-Pekka Salovaara, tel. +358 40 567 5520

Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA)
Principal media

The Revenio Group in brief

Revenio is a Finnish, globally operating health technology corporation whose
worldwide success is based on a strongly patented intraocular pressure
measurement technology. The Revenio Group consists of Icare Finland Oy,
Revenio Research Oy and Oscare Medical Oy, in which Revenio holds a 53%
interest. The common denominators of Revenio's business operations include
screening, follow-up and the global need to make cost savings through
preventive health care. Revenio seeks vigorous growth in health technology.
Revenio aims at developing even more efficient and easily adopted methods for
the early-stage detection of diseases with significance for public health.
The focus of Revenio's screening technology is on the early detection of
glaucoma, osteoporosis, skin cancer and asthma, and the monitoring of these
during the treatment process.

In 2015, the Revenio Group's net sales totaled MEUR 20.3, with its operating
margin for continuing operations standing at 28.4%. Revenio Group Corporation
is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

Revenio Group Corporation Financial Statement Bulletin 2015


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