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ROI Land Investments LTD: ROI Land Investments Ltd Issues Letter to Shareholders and Bondholders

MONTREAL, September 16th, 2015 -- ROI Land Investments Ltd. (OTCQB: ROII)
("ROI" or the "Company"), a diversified real estate land development
investment company, issued today the following letter to shareholders:

Dear Fellow Shareholders&Bondholders:

The first half of 2015 has been an exciting time at ROI as we commenced work
on multiple new real estate development projects, strengthened our senior
management and operational teams and launched an effort to increase
visibility among investors. As we head into the second half of the year, we
want to take this opportunity to highlight the most relevant developments at
the Company and share with you our plans for the future.
As you know, ROI fills an underserved niche in the commercial/residential real
estate development process. Specifically, we focus on purchasing attractive
land free of zoning restrictions; securing the proper development permits and
putting into place the necessary infrastructure. We believe this is the most
profitable of the four primary stages of real estate development (raw land
acquisition, pre-development and entitlement approval, infrastructure
construction and income generation).
We have successfully positioned ROI to actively participate in the development
of residential and mixed-use projects, targeting areas simultaneously
experiencing strong economic growth but a shortage of housing stock to keep
up with demand. This includes the Liquefied Natural Gas ("LNG") pipeline
development in British Columbia, Canada, which is driven by LNG Canada
Development Inc. ("LNG Canada"), among other companies. The total development
cost for each of these projects is expected to be approximately $10-$20
million, with a total sellable area of not less than 50% of the parcel. With
each project, we partner with an established local developer to help us
navigate the intricacies of each market. We aim to secure clear and binding
exit strategies before our development work is completed, and then sell our
remaining interests in the projects to local developers, who will continue
construction work.
This approach offers a number of advantages:

1 Provides ROI with local expertise
2 Secures a clear exit strategy for each investment
3 Enables us to generate proprietary deal flow
4 Helps us reduce operating costs

The unique strategy underlying ROI's operating platform allows us to maximize
our returns on investment for each project while reducing risk. Currently,
ROI is the leading U.S.-listed public company that adheres to this strategy,
which we believe will position us as an attractive opportunity for equity
investors looking to gain exposure to the real estate market.

Capital Raising and Liquidity
Overall, the appetite for investing in ROI and our developments remains strong
and we have made meaningful progress raising debt and equity to fund
individual projects and corporate growth. As we continue to develop existing
projects and acquire new ones, we intend to finance our growth in a way that
provides the lowest possible cost of capital. To that end, we have engaged
two New York-based investment banking firms to help us raise additional
capital and debt and cultivate relationships with institutional investors in
the U.S.
Projects Update

ROI has built a robust, diversified project portfolio that is currently
comprised of 6 projects in various stages of development across the United
States, Canada and Dubai. Based on our projections, we believe we can achieve
low- to mid-triple digit returns on investment for each project, with exit
times ranging from 22-74 months.

Below is a table summarizing each project:

| Country City Status Square feet Units Type Expected Completion Dates |
| Canada Beauport Acquired 1,971,000 211 Mix of single family homes, townhomes and semi-detached Jul. 2018 |
| Canada Kenney and Park, Acquired 180,624 144 Apartments Oct. 2018 |
| |
| Terrace |
| Canada Grahame Avenue, Acquired 62,197 56 Apartments Dec. 2016 |
| |
| Terrace |
| Canada Kitimat Acquired 170,000 93 Apartments and town-homes Dec. 2017 |
| USA Evans Acquired 10,323,720 1,200 Mix of single family homes, townhomes, semi-detached and condominiums Jan. 2021 |
| UAE MBR City, Dubai MOU signed 431,125 300 Luxury apartments Aug. 2017 |

Beauport, Quebec
Acquisition Date: October 2014
Size: 1,971,000 square feet
Project Description: The project consists in a mix of single family homes,
townhomes and semi-detached
Economic Catalyst: The project is located in the last qualified, low-density
construction area permitted in Quebec City for the next 10 years. Given the
scarcity of land in the area, we believe that housing inventory will be
Project Status: The project, which is fully funded, is in its preliminary
stages. In the first quarter of 2016, we will begin putting together a
comprehensive development plan in collaboration with the town planner and
officials from Quebec. We expect development work to begin in the first
quarter of 2017.

Terrace, British Columbia
Acquisition Date: December 2014
Size: 180,624 square feet Kenney Street&Park Avenue&62,197 square feet in
Graham Avenue.
Project Description: Two properties with 200 units being developed in
collaboration with Coast to Coast Holdings, Ltd. ("Coast to Coast"), a
leading Calgary-based construction and land development company with a focus
on commercial and residential construction for some of the largest projects
in Canada.
Economic Catalyst: British Columbia is experiencing significant economic and
demographic growth as a result of the emerging LNG industry. This has led to
higher demand for quality housing, which bodes well for the real estate
development industry.
Project Status: In December 2014, we completed our first project in Terrace,
selling 20,000 square feet of land and generating a return of over 50% from
the initial investment. Our investment's success provided us a strong
introduction to the market and helped us broaden our expertise for analyzing
future prospective projects in the area. With 30 mining projects having been
announced in North Western British Columbia, we are confident that there is a
significant opportunity to work with Coast to Coast to successfully develop
additional projects in this part of Canada.
At Graham Avenue, we are currently developing a project plan. Once the plan is
complete and financing is secured, Coast to Coast is expected to begin
construction in the fall of 2016. We are also in early negotiations to rent
or sell the apartments as an alternative strategy.
At Kenny Street and Park Avenue, the project plan is complete and we are
currently working to secure financing. Coast to Coast plans to start
construction in the fall of 2016. We are also in early negotiations to rent
or sell the apartments.
Kitimat, British Columbia
Acquisition Date: December 2014
Size: 170,000 square feet
Project Description: The project consists of 84 apartments and 9 townhomes.
Economic Catalyst: Similar to Terrace, the area around Kitimat is facing a
noteworthy housing shortage due to the tremendous economic and population
growth related to the construction of a number of LNG facilities in British
Project Status: We have completed demolition work on the site and are
finalizing a construction loan. We anticipate beginning construction in
September 2015.

Additionally, in May, we entered into an agreement with LNG Canada to develop
apartment and townhouse units in Kitimat. LNG Canada is a joint venture
between Shell Canada Energy, affiliates of PetroChina, Korea Gas Corporation
and Mitsubishi Corporation. LNG Canada intends to lease these units for its
workforce over a five year period. The first phase of the project, which
calls for 36 apartments and nine townhouses, is expected to be completed in
May 2016.

LNG has executed long term leases for 35 apartments.

We view this agreement with LNG Canada as a positive step toward raising the
Company's profile and paving the way for larger opportunities.

Evans, Colorado

Acquisition Date: June 2015
Size: 9,583,200 square feet
Project Description: The project consists of over 1,200 lots, featuring a mix
of single family homes, town homes, duplexes, triplexes and condos. The
Company also plans to build a park as well as commercial and retail areas.
Economic Catalyst: Northeastern Colorado has a diverse economy, which has
benefitted from higher job growth rates relative to the rest of the United
States. This, combined with low property taxes, has resulted in a shortage of
high-quality, affordable housing and led to an increase in housing prices in
the area.
Project Status: We acquired the project in June 2015 and are working
diligently to raise $7.5 million in debt to finance development work. We have
also entered into a preliminary agreement to sell approximately one-third of
the development to Baessler Homes, a well-established and renowned local
contractor that has been in operation since 1968.

Project Update: We recently hired a seasoned project manager to oversee our
interests in Evans. This is a major step in this project and a practice we
plan to replicate for each of our other projects. In addition, we have
agreed to acquire an additional 1 million square feet of land in Evans. We
are currently in the process of completing our due diligence and expect to
close on this parcel during the third quarter 2015.

Sobha, Dubai

Acquisition Date: September 2015
Size: 431,125 square feet
Project Description: T...

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