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ScandiDos: ScandiDos and C-RAD have decided to end the cooperation on the North American market

ScandiDos and C-Rad, two Uppsala-based companies both active in the
field of radiation therapy, have decided to discontinue the sales
cooperation on the North American market. With upcoming introduction
of new products from both companies a partly competitive situation
arises. Therefore the sales-cooperation was terminated.

In June 2013 ScandiDos and C-Rad launched the cooperation on the North
American market. The companies entered into a mutual distribution
agreement for the other company's products.

ScandiDos provide products in the field of dosimetry and quality
assurance for radiation therapy clinics and C-RAD offers products in
the field of patient positioning. The two companies decided to let
their respective sales organizations sell products from both
companies to get mutually an increased presence in sales in North
America. ScandiDos' and C-RADs recent product developments will lead
to an overlapping product offer to the customer. A competitive
situation will arise as soon as the products are released.

ScandiDos and C-RAD will now continue to market and sell via their
individual organizations in North America and focus their resources
on their respective products. Ongoing sales projects which have been
developed during the cooperation will be finalized until end of July.

Görgen Nilsson, CEO, ScandiDos AB

"C-Rad now starts to market their imaging-product in the field of
quality assurance and thereby becomes a provider of downstream
dosimetry. This means that we have to look upon C-Rad as a competitor
to ScandiDos. Therefore we terminate the sales-cooperation in North

ScandiDos has a well-functioning organization in US since 6 years with
main-office in Madison conducting sales and giving appreciated
support to a relatively large customer base. We will now focus 100%
on our own products on the North American market."

Tim Thurn, CEO, C-RAD AB:

"C-RAD is currently in a phase of high growth. With recent product
developments C-RAD will be entering into the dosimetry market.
Therewith a competitive situation between C-RAD and ScandiDos will
occur. By ending the cooperation both companies have the opportunity
to market their entire product portfolio on the important US market.
To further develop our success a committed and energetic team is

For further information contact:
Görgen Nilsson, CEO ScandiDos AB, Phone +46-18-472 3032, e-mail:

About ScandiDos

ScandiDos has with its product Delta4 phantom positioned itself as a
worldwide leading company in advanced dosimetry and QA (Quality
Assurance) in the field of Radiation Therapy of cancer.

The QA ScandiDos provides ensures that the dose delivery in advanced
radiation therapy e.g. IMRT and VMAT is given to the patient as it
was planned.

Delta4 is a platform of products with advanced measuring systems and
software calculations to quality assure the entire treatment from
prescription to final treatment fraction, using unique accuracy and

The Delta4 concept also uniquely provides tools to analyze the data
and find the cause of any discrepancy in order to enable fast and
accurate correction of the treatment or treatment plan.

ScandiDos cooperates worldwide with Elekta and Varian and with some 40
local distributors ScandiDos has installed system in 40 countries.


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