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Scientific Article Covering Immune Modulating Interstitial Laser Thermotherapy by CLS' Co-founder Professor Karl-Göran Tranberg Published in the Journal "Frontiers in Oncology"

Lund, Sweden, 19 July, 2021 - Clinical Laserthermia Systems AB ( (publ) (CLS), developer of high precision, image-guided focal laser ablation systems, today announced that a review article titled "Local Destruction of Tumors and Systemic Immune Effects" ( has been published in the Journal "Frontiers in Oncology" by the company's co-founder and Senior Clinical Advisor, Professor Karl-Göran Tranberg.

Article Overview

Current immune-based therapies, particularly checkpoint blockade, have improved cancer therapy in a major way, but most patients do not respond favorably to immunotherapy, pointing to the need for new or complementary approaches. Physically based Local Destruction of Tumors (LDT) methods can induce immunologic effects and contribute to anti-tumor immune activity. The present review examined abscopal effects induced by presently available local destruction methods, such as radiofrequency ablation, focal laser ablation, cryotherapy and radiotherapy, without or with combination with immunotherapy. The abscopal effect denotes regression of established distant untreated tumors after any form of local treatment and is considered to be the strongest indicator of a relevant immunologic effect.

"The "best" LTD is yet to be defined and may differ between different histologic types of tumors and locations, cold and hot tumors and the degree of preexisting immunogenicity. At any rate, the analysis showed that controlled low level hyperthermia, as performed by imILT and magnetic thermotherapy, stands out as a good candidate, since it is especially prone to create a response that favors abscopal immune activity on its own," says Karl-Göran Tranberg, co-founder and Senior Clinical Advisor at CLS.  Read the article "Local Destruction of Tumors and Systemic Immune Effects" (

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