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Share repurchase programme

The share repurchase programme runs as from 1 October 2021 and up to and including 31 March 2022. In this period, Jyske Bank will acquire shares with a value of up to DKK 1 billion, cf. Corporate Announcement No. 45/2021 of 4 October 2021. The share repurchase programme is initiated and structured in compliance with the EU Commission Regulation No. 596/2014 of 16 April 2014, the so-called “Market Abuse Regulation”.

The following transactions have been made under the program:

  Number of
Average purchase
price (DKK)
value (DKK)
Accumulated, latest announcement 647,560 300.11 194,340,675
27 October 2021 20,000 318.35 6,366,906
28 October 2021 40,000 318.10 12,723,824
29 October 2021 40,000 316.08 12,643,156
Accumulated under the programme 747,560 302.42 226,074,561

With the transactions stated above, Jyske Bank now owns a total of 3,339,633 of treasury shares, excluding investments made on behalf of customers and shares held for trading purposes, corresponding to 4.60% of the share capital.

In accordance with the EU Commission Regulation No. 596/2014, transactions related to the share buy-back programme are attached to this corporate announcement in detailed form.
Yours faithfully,
Jyske Bank

Contact: Birger Krøgh Nielsen, CFO, tel. +45 89 89 64 44.


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